Kombu Kitchen Ready Made Gourmet Superfood in Boston

Vegans in Boston are seriously neglected. Kombu Kitchen is trying to change that. In Chestnut Hill, where the battle of luxury gyms is heating up, Sports Club LA tapped Kombu Kitchen to provide healthy one-of-a kind meal options to its members and I got to try a sample of their menu last week. 

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I was sent a variety of meals, one that was paleo and included chicken. Most of meals are gluten free and vegan for that matter but since they are served at SCLA, not all are meat free. Those that are seem to abide by the Paleo rules. Members can grab and go with 25 different options being offered in the gym. Members also get 10% off home delivery, but even if you are not a member there is no delivery charge for most of the city and MANY surrounding towns.

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Every meal I tasted was delicious, full of flavor, and filling! The chopped salad was the largest in volume and probably my favorite. Kombu Kitchen also delivers meals to your doorstep even if you are not a member of SCLA. They also have cleanses that include real food, some include juices, but mainly focus on a vegan weight loss meal plan.  

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The rest of my meals included this Vegan and Gluten Free Pad Thai which was amazing! I had this for dinner one night. There were two sides that were a quinoa salad and bean salad. I topped mixed greens with the quinoa for lunch on Saturday. 

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It was made with cranberries, sweet potato, scallions, pumpkin seeds and an orange vinaigrette. The bean salad was just as good but I forgot to take a picture! It was made with Mung Beans, mint, pomegranate seeds, beets and a cherry vinaigrette. 

My other two favorite meals were the breakfasts. One was a chia pudding with peaches and the other was a faux yogurt that I need to have again!

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This was so good. There are kind of a lot of ingredients listed on the label but this no-gurt was damn good and I can’t wait to try it again. It comes in another flavor I was told, but I’m not sure which one. I had the chia pudding after my workout at Barry’s on Friday and while it was no smoothie, it was satisfying and probably more calories than my typical smoothie. 

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I also was sent a few desserts that were delicious and gone too soon. Both were gluten free, dairy free and mostly vegan. I liked the brownie better only because I am not the biggest fan of almond butter but both were awesome. IMG 6216

The chef is a cancer survivor and takes pride in her recipes and it shows. Every meal was full of flavor, creative and satisfying. I am tempted to try out the vegan meal plan for a week since I’ve always wanted to go veg. I just feel I lack creativity in my kitchen to make satisfying vegan meals. When I first started blogging, I tested out Fresh Diet and loved the convenience and meal planning aspect of it but hated that I felt like the dessert were made with splenda (and they were at the time). It didn’t feel “clean” and ever since, I’ve been looking for a cleaner alternative. I just might have to give Kombu Kitchen a try! 

Have you tried a meal delivery service? I like them for jump starting weight loss efforts. The portion control and meal planning is a good starter kit for a new journey.

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