Pregnancy Update: Weeks 32-35

My last pregnancy update was 4 weeks ago. I feel like I just wrote it but alas, here I am to overshare again. Let’s start, shall we?

Baby and Momma Update

Baby is the size of a pineapple and Mom has gained almost 30 lbs. This is how much I gained in total with Tommy 41+2 (I think) however I’ve really only gained about 2 lbs in the last 4 weeks. This makes me think I’ll gain another 2-3 but I’m not concerned. I get zero negative emotions when I see the number.

34 weeks pregnant


This is probably the biggest change since 31 weeks. My workouts or lack there of are becoming increasingly less important and frequent.

Lately, I’m aiming for 3 days a week. Last week it was 2, one of which was 20 minutes on the Peloton and the other 30 minutes on the Peloton.

I did try taking Barry’s Bootcamp at 33 weeks pregnant on a full body day. They just opened the Back Bay location and I was dying to check it out. I went to Derek’s class as I know his style and thought it would be a good fit and I was right! I loved class, I only had to do a couple of modifications and left on a huge endorphin high! I took a 50 minute class instead of a 60 and did double floor. I haven’t run in forever and do not see myself starting again until at least September but I get my cardio using the bike. I wanted strength and that’s what I got!

I actually just signed up to take it again this week.

Other than that, my workouts have been spinning at the gym and doing my strength workouts for my prenatal program. Today I have a new booty pyramid to share that is safe for pregnant ladies but an awesome workout for anyone. Stay tuned for a full blog post, but you can check it out here!

booty pyramid


Last time I had a shower, this time I’m in charge of buying the things that I want. Of course we plan to reuse most of our stuff but I did not have a few things that I really wanted to have this time around.

The first is a DockATot. I’m pretty excited about this and it’s arriving today. I can’t wait!

I also got a support band for my belly and am going to get a Belly Bandit for postpartum. I was kind of against it the first time around but Nicole Culver, fellow blogger, as well as Sara Haley, prenatal and postnatal specialist are fans. Nicole told me her belly was back to normal faster after #3 wearing one so I wanted to give it a try. Nicole is someone whose opinion I value so while some bloggers promote the Belly Bandit that I’m luke warm towards, these ladies I trust. I’m also trying it because when you see a physical therapist for a diastasis recti, they literally take their hands to your midsection and massage it almost like it’s being sewn back together in a way that mimics the support of the band.

I also was on the hunt for a new diaper bag. I had the pottery barn one everyone has and hated it. Nick likes it but I wanted a backpack this time. Ethan & Emma sent me this beautiful diaper bag/backpack and I’m super excited to use it. My favorite feature I think is that it can hang from the stroller as well as be worn as a backpack, not taking up space under my stroller. Sign up to their mailing list to get 35% off when they launch their upcoming kickstarter campaign!

I also just bought Tommy’s big boy bed! Pottery Barn was having a sale and I’ve been eying this bed for years. On sale for $629 from $800, I finally pulled the trigger on it. I don’t want an ikea nightmare to put together. I also see my two sons jumping on this frequently so I wanted something that would hold up.


Well, it’s finally sinking in that in a month the new baby could be here. I’m very unprepared as I’ve mentioned. I have diapers and onesies and that’s all I need but I’m unprepared for like labor. We are just now figuring out where/who will take care of Tommy when I do go into labor. I’d like to spend July 4th on Cape Cod but nervous it’s so close to my due date if that is a silly idea.

I’m still feeling good but sleep is uncomfortable. I wake up twice a night to pee. My back is starting to hurt. Heart burn is manageable. Bending over is now challenging.

sandals untied

I’m starting to feel emotional about my alone time with Tommy coming to an end. The past two days in a row, he has woken up early from his nap and fallen back asleep on me. This is the best minus the part where I can’t breathe because I have a 30 lb child on my chest. Yesterday, I even fell asleep with him for a full hour!

I’m planning to spend a couple weeks with him down the cape before the baby arrives as it is a place he and I both love. I didn’t take much of a maternity leave with T so I’m planning to take a week before baby is due off to spend with him as I know I won’t be away from my business long but I’ll never be able to get back alone time with my first born.

Processed with VSCO with s2 preset


Food and Cravings

I don’t have many cravings except for fruit. I’m sharing a What I Eat In A Day video soon and it’s pretty boring! I eat a lot of toast, whole wheat sourdough from Iggy’s. I also have pizza once a week. Lately, I’ve been craving burgers and rose, not together!

pizza picco

My Labor/Birth Plan

Call me crazy but I don’t think this baby is coming early. Tommy was very late, 9 days late but you knew that already! I’m planning to go to Cape Cod at the end of June and come home a few days before my due date. Obviously, should something feel off, we will drive up and leave Tommy with my mom. We have my brother and my sister a 20-40 minute drive away so should I go into labor in Boston, we will call them.

When it comes to birth, I hear it is very, very fast your second time around so I’m nervous about that and getting to the hospital in time. I wanted to go natural with Tommy but abandoned that idea once I knew I was going to be induced. The only reason I may try to do it is to avoid getting an IV throughout labor but I think I have no choice on that. I also don’t want to tear and I read that people who go natural are less likely to tear because they push more in tune with the appropriate timing verses aggressively and excessively pushing for no reason. Who knows. My money is on the epidural but I’m also half anticipating on going into labor in traffic on route 6 because I’m stubborn and won’t have a choice.

Feel free to share your own fast and crazy labors below 🙂

Pregnancy Update: Weeks 32-35

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  • Regina

    All of mine came naturally (not induced). My first was 19 hours. My second, which everyone swore would be so fast was 22.5 hours ???? my third was only 9 though so I’m sort of freaking out as I’m due with #4 anytime now and already 3cm dilated!!!

  • Stephanie

    My first was induced at 41+4, got an epidural. My second who is 6 months now came on his own at 40+3. Took 2 hours from being admitted into the hospital until he was born. No time for an epidural 🙁 much faster recovery. Can’t say if that was due to him not being induced, or no epidural or the speed or even being the second baby. Best of luck!!

  • Taylor

    With my first, my water broke at 39+3 days but I was not dilated or having contractions. I ended up with pitocin but after several hours it was clear it wasn’t working because I wasn’t progressing so to avoid an emergency middle of the night csection we stopped and waited and then restarted the pitocin in the morning and it worked and within 4 hours we had a our baby boy. But man was it a long 21 hours in labor at the hospital with nothing happening and I was very hungry! I am now pregnant with number 2 and wondering what this birth is going to look like.

    • Sarah

      I’m surprised they didn’t let you eat! I was about to eat lunch before my contractions kicked in and I lost my appetite. They wouldn’t let me eat after that but I honestly didn’t want to either!

  • Melanie

    What sports bras do you like best that are supportive enough during pregnancy? I find that my boobs hurt when I work out now (and obviously are bigger) and my old ones aren’t cutting it!!

    • Sarah

      I love Moving Comfort Juno -- the only bra I bought after T was born. I had supportive ones from before but that was my go to for running.

  • Nikki

    You look so great! I have two thoughts I wanted to share: 1.) Re: cherishing your time with Tommy -- mine are 16 months apart, so my daughter was just starting to get super-active when I had my son. I was so worried I would miss out on a lot of fun with her because I was having to be super-focused on my son. But, that just never really manifested. I didn’t breastfeed, so that probably had a bit to do with it. I was able to leave my son with my husband if I wanted to go to the park with my daughter. I also really pushed myself to keep up with some of my favorite moments with my daughter. For instance, I love picking her up at daycare. So, my husband would handle drop-off in the morning, so I could get some extra sleep and then I’d pick her up from daycare. I also really love bedtime -- with both my kids. So, when we finally got in a good sleep routine with my son, we worked it out so I can put my son down at 7 and then my daughter at 7:30. So, it’s a bittersweet time for you but Tommy’s your little buddy -- you’ll definitely manage to keep some moments just for you and him. (And same for the new little guy!) 2.) I had to be induced the first time but at 37 weeks because my amniotic fluid started leaking. That whole experience was terrible. They started inducing me at about 1a and I progressed really slowly. I had an epidural, but it wore off by the time it came to push. I was in so much pain that I pushed crazy hard just to end it. I tore a lot. I went into labor naturally with my son about 2a. We got to the hospital about 3 and I had an epidural by 4. He was here at about 6:15. I had some tearing, but it was minimal and my recovery was so much better. So, I don’t know that the epidural has anything to do with tearing. But, that’s a totally non-scientific conclusion. Either way, you’ll do great and have a beautiful baby!

  • Stephanie

    I was early with my first and almost a week late with my second. My daughter (my first) was born in 8 hours after my water broke. My second from first contraction to birth was 4 hours and I nearly missed the window for getting my epidural because he came so fast. Is there a neighbor you trust that could sit with Tommy until someone can get to him? My only regret was not asking our neighbor to come sit with my daughter while we waited the 40 minutes for my mother in law to get to us.

  • Allison

    My first was an induction 6 days early due to high blood pressure, my 2nd came on her own at 40 w, 1 d, and my 3rd also came on her own at 41 w 1 d. My first was a standard, 12 hr delivery with pitocin and an epidural, and pushed for an hour. Minimal tearing (4 stitches). Pretty straightforward. With my 2nd baby, labor was only 5 hours from first contraction to holding the baby. And really only 1 hour, if even that of hard labor. My contractions were consistent and about 5-7 min apart and I could talk through them, but when my water broke, all hell broke loose too! All of a sudden I could feel her head right there….. and we were still at home!! I spent the 20 min car ride doing my best to not push and keep my legs clamped tight together. I was literally the crazy lady being wheeled into the hospital screaming the baby is coming now! They took my pants off, I pushed twice and she was out (no tearing and clearly no epidural). It was nuts! With my 3rd baby, we went straight to the hospital at first sign of labor. I delivered her about 3 hours later and it was the same in that the moment my water broke, the baby was ready to come out. NBD that time around since we we already in our hospital room! No tearing or epidural with the 3rd babe either.

    All that being said, I would still go to the cape if I was you. Just be ready to get back to the city at first sign of labor, and you’ll be fine! But definitely, 2nd babies come faster and the pushing is much quicker for pretty much everyone mamma I know.

  • Megabrooke

    I totally get the thoughts of all the “what ifs,” taking care of Tommy, grieving the time of just you three as a family, etc! We have a two year old and just delivered our second two days ago! First was 4 days early, induced, epidural. Second, came 3 days late, fast and wild! Delivered within an hour or so of getting to the hospital and barely made it in time! No time for epidural! Crazy! But so worth it! Good luck!!

  • Delia

    My first came fast and furious! No time for my desired epidural 🙁 and sorry to say, no epidural did not prevent a full tear! So get that epidural if you can! They’re going to schedule me for a c-section with my 2nd in September, so I don’t risk that happening again. Best of luck to you!

  • Cara

    I resisted a Dock a Tot with my first (T’s age) but we got one for my cousin off their registry for their newborn recently and they LOVE it, they say they use it constantly, so I’ve decided it’ll be one of my few needs whenever we go for #2 (other than a double stroller, a minivan, and new clothes if the sex or season calls for it).

    I would love if #2 was quick. #1 was 15 hours of labor with 2.5hrs of pushing (short bungee cord going on made it take longer), all medicated but still would much rather have it shorter (and still medicated, haha)

  • Sarah @ Sweet Miles

    You look awesome -- beautiful and glowing! I have that same Ethan and Emma bag and LOVE it! I can’t wait to use it and cram it full with all our sweet newborn things! Bending over is literally the worst. I’m with you there. If there’s something on the floor at the house, it will stay there for days until either I finally get up the energy to bend down and get it or my husband finally picks it up, ha! Labor wise, we were also induced! At 40 + 4. I thought I had a high pain tolerance until they broke my water and I started feeling those pitocin contractions and very quickly decided an epidural was a gift from god and modern medicine and I should not deny it! hahaha I hope you get to enjoy your get away at the end of June!

  • Karissa

    I had to be induced with my first boy at 38 weeks due to high blood pressure. I actually had a 2 day failed induction at 37 weeks. That was terrible. I had Pitocin, they broke my water, epidural, pushed for 4 hours and barely got him out after they threatened vacuum and c-section. I tore pretty badly. The whole thing was not how I expected first baby delivery. I had no complications with my second pregnancy (also a boy) and my water broke at 39+1. I did not go into labor on my own, but was GBS + so went right to the hospital. I only needed a whiff of Pitocin with him, labored naturally for 4 hours (literally walked the halls the entire time) and pushed him out in under 30 minutes with just one very small tear. Two totally different deliveries for my boys and they are two totally different kids as well! Good luck! I am on the South Shore, I know how both Rte 6 and Rte 3 traffic can be a nightmare!

  • Janelle

    My first was 32 hours with epidural, 1 week early, pushing over 3 hours because he was facing up. Third degree tear there because of the vacuum used. Just had my second son 1 month ago was induced (2 weeks late) and had an epidural also although I didnt get it until 7 cm dilated which is on the “late” side.. let me tell you those contractions that late in the game are no joke!! I had my epi with my first at 2 cm and those were a walk in the park. This time around I only pushed for 1 hour 2nd degree tear and my recovery was so much easier.

  • Liz

    I was induced with my first at 42 weeks and managed with out an epidural. It only took about 6 hours which I considered “fast.” I used laughing gas which was a HUGE help. I say if you want to go natural, start the self talk now that you CAN do it!

  • Kait

    Both of my babies came on their due dates (thanks to eating eggplant the day before) and both were quick labors. My first took only one push, and my second was no pushes and was me trying desperately to keep her in while the midwife got set up! I did get an epidural with both barely in time and really feel if there is a next time I can manage without since basically I just haven’t experienced the infamous “ring of fire” but have experienced all of the contractions leading up to that point. I was lucky the first birth to get an amazing anesthesiologist who gave me just enough to make it through birth and then it immediately wore off so I could walk within 5 mins if I had wanted to. Second time I was not so lucky and the doctor was terrible, sticking me many times to the point where my nurse had to step in for me to let them know I was about to pass out. Kicking myself for not speaking up and telling her to get out because I’m still working through epidural related trauma with a PT.

    Reading your thoughts on spending time with your first born takes me right back to the end of last year when I also took maternity leave a week early to spend time with my first born. The transition was really rough for me emotionally and it took me a little bit to adjust to two. Your heart does expand as people say, but don’t be surprised or alarmed or feel guilty if it doesn’t happen instantly. I was very upset that I was no longer my first born’s go to parent to pick her up, put her to bed, get her things she needed, etc basically overnight. She adjusted really well, though and after those first rough 6 weeks where your hormones are nuts, I adjusted well too. Seeing them together 5 months in now is such a joy, it feels like my newest little one was always meant for our family. I wish you all the best!

  • emma

    Now we have our own that we keep under the tree and the boys can look at them to their heart’s content – their favorites are A Polar Express by Chris Van Allsburg and The Christmas Miracle of Jonathan Toomey by Susan Wojciechowski. My husband is awesome about putting up our tree and the decorations. He starts playing Christmas music during October! My favorite part of Christmas is our Christmas Eve when we read from Luke 2 about the birth of Jesus Christ. Hope you have a wonderful Christmas in your new home with your precious family! Thank you for sharing all your marvelous traditions!

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