Lean Mean Legging Routine | Pilates Butt Workout

As the first chilly Monday, I bring you a new Pilates Butt Workout called the “Lean Mean Legging Routine.” It it an 8 minute routine that you can do at home and follow along with me. Yes, I do it in real time. Jenn Phelan, one of Boston’s favorite Pilates instructors, swears this is her TOP SECRET workout and it had my glutes burning! She calls it her top secret workout because it’s a little risque to do at the gym. Watch to see why.

The video consists of basically one move using 3 different positions that will target different areas of your butt to sculpt, lift and tighten.

Phase1 JennButt2

Phase 1 is with your feet firmly pressed into a wall with your butt close to the wall. Feet should be parallel and knees at 90 degrees. As you lift your hips up, squeeze your glutes as tight as possible at the top. Do 12-20 hip lifts and after your last rep hold at the top, and pulse 10 times. Repeat for two sets.

Pilates Butt Workout2

Phase 2 is with your heels touching together with feet forming a V-position with toes pointing out (knees pointing out towards 2nd toes. Again, roll up and roll down for 20 reps for the first rep. Squeeze glutes at the top each time. Hold at the top of the last rep and pulse 10 times. Repeat for two sets.

Jenn butt 3rdposition

Phase 3 is with feet wider than hip width apart, toes facing outwards, similar to phase 2 but heels are not together. Keep heels pressing into the wall and focus on using your inner thighs. Again, do 20 reps and pulse 10 times at the top. Repeat for 2 sets.

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Lean Mean Legging Routine | Pilates Butt Workout

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  • Ashleigh V

    Ouch!! I tried this workout this morning and yikes, I’m already sore! It targets so many small areas that I didn’t even realize I was missing with my usual workouts. Thanks for posting this!!!

  • Allie

    This is amazing!! I have never seen this done before. A great new workout to add to my leg routine. I did this last night while watching TV and it was awesome. Definitely feeling it today.

  • Valerie

    Is there a print out anywhere on these workouts? Like for Legs and Arms? I would like to print them off so I have them in my journal = )

  • Carolyn

    Like this workout! If you devote time and efforts to your body, your body will pay you back by being good looking, nicely shaped and healthy. You just have to support your love with some actions. For me physical activity works best. In order to keep myself toned I am taking Multipurpose High-Potency Super Nutritional Complex. This dietary supplement is manufactured by MGNutritionals and contains natural compounds. My body is grateful and is willing to exercise whenever I ask it to 🙂

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