Fusion Pilates Workout Video with Jenn Phelan

I’ve got a new fusion pilates workout video for you today! But first, I woke up early for a short 2-mile run.  I have the 2nd Urbanathlon for Men’s Health tomorrow and am dreading the weather.  Have you ever been scheduled to run a race in cold rainy weather?  I’m very happy that I did well in Chicago and feel as though I have nothing to prove, but just want to have fun.  The rain is putting a damper on the fun! 🙁  I am excited because Maggie is running with me and she knows how to handle the conditions!

Today, I uploaded the Fusion Pilates series that Jennifer Phelan (the star of episode 1 of FitSpo) took me through.  If you didn’t care about Jenn’s background or how she quit her job in a law office to become a full time Pilates instructor, you will want to watch this workout!

Jenn’s Fusion Pilates class is the hardest Pilates class I have ever taken.  This is just a snippet of what she does.  It’s similar to Barre Burn, Physique 57, and Bar Method but with more Pilates ab sequences which are amazingly difficult and effective.

If you like this video and are looking for a more targeted workout like love handles or quick tabata, check out my video page index where I’ve categorized all the fitness videos!

Have you taken a fusion class yet that uses light hand weights but has your muscles shaking and on fire?! I love them.


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