Are You Ready For Leg Warmers?

This morning I got the best Holiday surprise package from Kitsch Ties. I’m obsessed with these hair ties because they look cute on your wrist and don’t put kinks in my hair when I put it up. It doesn’t hurt that they are adorable and can match your outfits. Perfect stocking stuffers in my opinion!
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Getting ready for the holidays takes a lot of preparation for a fitness YouTube channel. On top of creating new videos each week, we are also busy planning the schedule for the New Years Resolution season and holiday videos. It’s a little overwhelming at times. This week I shot a video with my videographer featuring a Christmas morning breakfast. I was asked to make my traditional Christmas morning breakfast. Every year since I was a little girl, my mom has made the most delicious coffee cake that is loaded with candied pecans, crispy topping and tons of butter. A few year ago, we starting a making a crustless quiche in addition to feel a little healthier about our morning meal. Since my channel is focused on healthy foods, I made the quiche for YouTube.

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It was so good, I had it for dinner 3 nights in a row. While you will have to wait for the official video to get the recipe, I will tell you it has 113 calories per serving (6 total per pie).

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The middle looks undone but that’s just the cheese, I promise. I also shot a very special holiday gift guide video at City Sports. One viewer will win a $100 gift card to City Sports for leaving a comment on the video. I’m in love with this tennis skirt available at CS but forgot to include it in my guide! So preppy. This video will be live next week.

Holiday Tennis Skirt

Lastly, another gift I’m in love with this season is leg warmers. The instructors all wear them at The Bar Method. I have so many pairs of capri pants, leg warmers seem to be the seasonal solution for winterizing half of my wardrobe, right? I’m not sure I can rock the leg warmers though. I’m more preppy than hipster… Although I’m not sure how I feel about buying from American Apparel, they do have affordable ones I may pick up (unless my mother who reads my blog sees this and wants to buy them for me, wink wink). AA has some weird employee drama in the courts over the years and had kept me from buying their products in the past. You can also sort through Etsy and Pinterest for a unique pair. What is on your list for the holidays this year?


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