Make it a Skinny & Fun Memorial Day

Ahh Memorial Day. To those of us who live in states with brutal winters, this weekend has so much riding on it. On one hand, we mentally think it is the start of summer but on the other, it really doesn’t get “bust out your bathing suit” warm. It is however usually nice enough to have a bbq, hang out with friends outside or drink on some docks if you are going to Figawi in Nantucket

Here are my “skinny” suggestions whatever your weekend has in store…


My New Go-To Skinny Cocktail

Last weekend, I discovered my new favorite drink that did not give me the drunk munchies or a hangover. It’s the Paleo Paloma! Most bars I’ve been to do not know what this is so simply ask the bartender for clear tequila with soda, splash of grapefruit juice and extra limes. The real NorCal doesn’t have any grapefruit juice. They may squeeze the limes for you, but otherwise, you can just do it yourself. It’s easy. I ordered Patron but feel free to order what you like. I had more than I will admit publicly on my blog. Tequila is one of the few liquors that is not made from a starch or grain. It is made from the Agave plant (which is probably why I’ve always liked it so much). Combined with the lime and grapefruit, it does not cause your blood sugar to spike which causes the late night pizza cravings and tastes refreshingly good. If you want to get fancy, check out this at home recipe (also picture credit from above) that requires a bit of work but worth it for the taste. I don’t drink liquor at home which is why I provided how to order at a bar. Here are my other absolute favorite skinny cocktails from my 4th of July post last year. 

I will admit that I had mussels marinara and a greek salad at 1:30 am but I did not eat dinner so I think that gets in A for smart decisions, no? 

Smart BBQ Rules

BBQ Turkey Burger

I know it’s a party and we all want to have fun but we also want to look in our bathing suits on the 4th of July, right? I love this rule from Lauren Slayton, The Little Book of Thin. Lauren lists starchy carbs, alcohol, dessert and pre dinner bread as 4 “treat” items you may want to order at a nice dinner out. For you BBQ implement her rule by allowing yourself to have one or two of the four, but never more! This means, if you say yes to the cocktails (my choice), allow yourself the potato salad, cornbread appetizer, hamburger bun or the dessert, but not all four. Load up your plate on lean protein like grilled chicken, kabobs, corn on the cob, mixed green salad, and fruit salad. Worried about having healthy options? Bring your own. I love this Summer Two Potato salad made with sweet potatoes for added nutrients or my favorite BBQ Apple Cheddar Turkey burger!

Exercise of course!

Did you really think I wasn’t going to mention some sort of physical activity? Since I am training for the Runner’s World Heartbreak Hill Half Marathon in just a few weeks, I will be fitting in a long run on Saturday around 9-10 miles. If you are short on time, here is a quick High 5 Workout you can do at the beach with just a set of dumbbells. Watch the video if you are not sure how to do some of the moves. 

High 5 Workout

I also love this Simple & Sweaty beach workout that takes only 20 minutes to get a good burn. It also helps to wear an activity tracker to keep track of steps if you don’t feel like working out. I just try to hit at least 12000 steps if that is the case. I’m also into writing down what I eat these days. Helps me choose wise decision when it comes time for dinner. I’m using MyFitnessPal right now because it’s always been a good fit for me but if you have a new one that you think is better, I’m all ears 🙂 Leave your favorite app in the comments below.

What is your go to skinny cocktail for the summer?  

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