The Ellie/PV Body Experiment Revealed?

A lot has happened since I first posted Ugh, Sorry Guys… PV Body Change. Marcus Greinke called me personally. I was invited to LA to see the offices and check out the new product. I discovered an article that suggested PV Body was a “throw away” company to test how expensive it was to acquire customers and see if people would sign up for a monthly service providing fitness clothing.

I was also the recipient of an unintentional reply all from Marcus that started with “Holy Shit, That’s the girl the spewed all that hate about us. Gotta be really careful with her.” Did I catch your interest? Since the video of my promoting PV Body was uploaded originally to YouTube, I decided to go all 20/20 and do my own research on what the heck was going on. Below, you will find a video that I’m truly proud of and think you’ll find interesting.

The fun stuff:

Ellie told me that it was not their intention to start their own line when they first debuted PV Body. A former employee told me otherwise in an anonymous email. I’m not sure who I believe and I encourage you to form your own opinion.

I emailed the author of the PandoDaily article. I asked him if Ellie was the plan all along and he responded, “I can’t answer that explicitly, because I don’t really know what the team planned behind closed doors.”

However, if you watch the video, the article suggests otherwise.

He added that, “I think what you’re experiencing here is the cost of doing business with a startup. It’s also what makes it fun supporting new companies. Changes happen, problems happen. It’s to be expected. But it’s also why you were able to get a great deal on a few month’s worth of name brand items and now get access to a reasonably high quality new brand at low prices. Building a company and brand to compete with Lululemon, et al, is incredibly difficult. I don’t think the Ellie guys are trying to be deceitful or manipulative. They’re just trying to figure out a model that works. Don’t expect them to be perfect from day one.”

Would love you thoughts on this below.

And if you are curious why I felt the need to publish this video, the comment on the YouTube video below pretty much sums it up.

“I did sign up. You led me TIU and other things, so I thought why not? (They should be careful with you, you have a strong, smart, and loyal audience.) I got one shipment before I cancelled. None of the clothes were designers I heard of, but i loved the pants. But the shirt was WAY to small. I tried calling, emailing, following up daily for over a week. Never spoke to anyone. Finally I cancelled, BEFORE your announcement went out. I hate dealing with company’s where no one seems to work there.”

I am very picky about the brands that I feature and this relationship hurt me and my credibility. I don’t appreciate getting taken advantage of especially when it affects my reputation and brand.

Disclaimer: I was compensated by Ellie/PV Body for the referrals that I made in November. I was not compensated (obviously) to make this video. I am wearing their tank top is the video to show that they are not terrible to look at, I just do not know if the quality is up to standards yet based on only having washed them one or two times.

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