Low Calorie, Lots of Flavor!

It has been cloudy, rainy and just plain miserable since Saturday.  Eating well and exercising often takes a hit when mother nature does not cooperate.  Instead of my typical long run on Monday, I squeezed in a 30 minute run outdoors in between rain showers.

I took yoga on Sunday and Wednesday this week to boost my spirits.  Yoga has an ubelievable effect on my moods so I made sure I went at least twice after seeing the forecast for the week.  I also did Jillian Michaels’ 6-Week Six Pack video on Tuesday in my living room.  I find it to be easier than her 6-Week Slim Down, but it’s still a very challenging workout video for me.  Her only workout I’m not crazy about is the Yoga Meltdown.  Read my review here.

Roomie has been away on business since Sunday so I haven’t had anyone to cook for.  I find my meals are less planned yet healthier when this happens.  Tuesday night I made a big bowl of chopped up veggies, chicken and sweet potatoes for dinner.

I would have made a salad but I didn’t exactly have enough lettuce.  I added some balsamic vinegar and dijon mustard.  Many people may find this sounds unappetizing but I love mustard and can put it on just about anything.  

I seasoned the chicken with my new best friend Mrs. Dash.  She may help me curb my mustard addiction.  Do you use Mrs. Dash?  I’m new to the flavors and so far have only tried out the Garlic & Herb and Southwest Chipotle.  Both are delicious!

Dijon mustard and Mrs. Dash are just two simple ways to make your meals taste better without adding many calories.  Other condiments like Ketchup and BBQ sauce can be loaded with sugar and artificial ingredients.  They should be used in moderation if you are watching what you eat.  

What are your favorite low calorie add ins that add flavor to your meals?  

And now I’m off to FitBloggin in Baltimore! Yay! So excited 🙂

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