My 5 Go To Breakfasts As a New Mom

I can remember having a 100 calorie English muffin for breakfast with spray butter at 22 years of age. Oh how the times have changed. My breakfasts are now at least 250 calories and made up of nutrient dense foods.

Still breastfeeding Tommy in the middle of the night, I wake up starving! On top of that, sometimes I don’t get a chance to eat until he is asleep again for his morning nap. These 5 breakfasts are fast to make and don’t make any noise… for example, you won’t find crazy smoothie recipes or intricate pancakes.

These are simple but things I keep going back to, easy to have on hand and take no time at all to prepare:

Peanut Butter Toast – BORING, I know but seriously, it tastes delicious, is easy to make and I always have the ingredients on hand. It’s also easy to eat on the go to the gym. I like to use Ezekial bread and mix things up by using cinnamon raisin toast. Some moms avoid nut butters, but I fall under the umbrella that thinks a little bit early on is a good thing in helping prevent allergies. My favorites are organic smooth without salt.


Avocado Toast – Again, duhhh but guys, these are my staples, my go to’s. Things I always have on hand. I like to go with Ezekial or Sourdough which is easier for your tummy to digest. Pre-baby, I was not as into bread as I am now. Now I can’t get enough. It gives me carbohydrates to use for energy without sugar. Avocado toast tastes so much better with a little sea salt, too! The avocado is great for women who are nursing for their omega-3’s which help with your child’s brain development.


My favorite place in Boston to get avocado toast puts roasted pepitas and a little pumpkin seed oil on top. It photographs poorly but tastes delicious!!

Muesli – I love these muesli creations from Evoke Foods. In Europe, I always order the bircher muesli because it’s delicious and a better version of overnight oats. The benefits of muesli is that you get a more creative version of overnight oats without dealing with adding in special ingredients or chopping. The bags already come with fun add ins like coconut, flax seeds, goji berries, dried blueberries, cacao nibs and more. Just add your choice of milk and let soak overnight or cook on the stove top for a warm meal. Oats are also great for your milk supply.

Evoke muelsi

Muesli Evoke Overnight Oats

Greek Yogurt with Granola – Again, pre-Tommy, I was not a big granola fan but now I burn 500 extra calories a day breastfeeding and love granola so it’s back on my grocery list. I love yogurt that has fat in it so I usually buy whole milk Greek yogurt if I can like Chobani whole milk plain. It has only 4g of sugar, 6g of fat and 13g of protein per serving as well only 130 calories. I love to mix in granola from Purely Elizabeth. The blueberry hemp flavor is my favorite. It never tastes stale like some granolas and is low in sugar. This combination fills me up and is ready in a quick minute.

Simple Elizabeth Granola Greek Yogurt

Vega One Nutritional Shake – If I am lucky, I get to workout before Nick leaves for work. If this is the case, usually Tommy is sleeping when I get home and can’t have a smoothie. I like the Vega shake mix because it tastes good just blended with unsweetened almond milk. You don’t have to add any ice or fruit to make it delicious. I do have something else if I do this like a banana or slice of toast.

I know these ideas are not ground breaking. I’m not shocking anyone with these but they are what work for me these days and I know it’s helpful to see what other people rely on.

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