My Sweat Style Review

New subscription clubs are still coming out regularly, each with their own specific niche. The latest one that I tried was like StitchFix but for athletic apparel called Sweat Style.

I did a review 3 years ago about a company named PV Body that had a similar pitch. Some of you may remember that I was one of the original bloggers that apologized for promoting the service after the company pulled a 180 and decided to ship monthly outfits by their own private label instead of known favorites as advertised.

I was super cautious to try Sweat Style because of the PV Body/Ellie debacle. The biggest difference is that like StitchFix, if you don’t like a garment, you don’t have to keep it! You can send it back.

They also do not (yet) have their own private label so you may know some of the brands already. The brands on their website say they include Alala, Koral, HPE, Vimmia, and Vie Active among others. My box included 3 unknown brands to me and 2 I knew.

For my first box, I loved the items and so I agreed to write this post. I was not paid nor does this post include affiliate links. I was introduced to cute new brands and got some really great items that are flattering, comfy and perfect for leisure and gym wear.

These ChiChi pants are stylish with a high waist and mesh lower legging detail. This great shot of my ankle sock tan lines showed the fine details best, but these were keepers.

Sweat Style Pants Review

My outfit below was from my first box, too. Love the pants from Beyond Yoga for their flattering waist line and soft fabric. The top by Strut This was also super comfortable and helped boost my self confidence. The high neckline is perfect for breastfeeding ladies and the larger arm holes are nicely on trend. This shirt is fun to wear when I’m not working out too.

Studio Nantucket Review

I also was sent a pair of running shorts from Nux and flowy shirt from Onzie. I really liked both these items because they were very me in regards to my workout style, bright top that is not tight with dark bottoms.

Onsie top Review My Sweat Style

I liked that the box introduced me to a few new brands that I never would have found on my own most likely. All of the items fit nicely as well.

Wanna try it out yourself? Here is how it works.

First, you create an account on MySweatStyle.com and fill out a style profile. Sign up for a one time box, monthly or quarterly. Next, a stylist picks out 5 pieces from the most stylish fitness apparel brands that match your style profile and a box is shipped your way.

Tops range in price from $35 to $125, bottoms from $55 to $140, sports bras from $35 to $100 and outwear from $50 to $250. You will be charged $20 as a styling fee but it is applied to any items to you keep.

Once your shipment arrives, you have 5 days to try everything on. Keep what you like and send back what you don’t. If you spend $150 or more you get 10% or more of your total purchase, up to 20% off.

If you want to try it out yourself, I have a special 20% coupon for my readers only to use using discount code SARAHFIT20, regardless of how much you spend.

I was able to keep all my pieces in exchange for this post but I did love them. I’m down the cape writing this and feel bad that I didn’t bring the receipt so I don’t know how much they cost. I’ll update this post when I get home next week.

If you are a cheaper is better type gal when it comes to workout wear, this may not be for you. I like digging through the Marshall’s racks, visiting Old Navy and Target for workout wear too. However, I like having good quality pieces too as they hold up well wash after wash, are flattering and are great for my videos and pictures. For this reason, I really like the idea of Sweat Style since we don’t have many places to discover cute small brand active wear in Boston. I’ll probably only use it on occasion for shoots but was really happy with my first experience and glad I got to experience some of these newer brands.

Try it out and let me know if you enjoyed what you got. Remember, you don’t have to keep a thing, which is nice I think.

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