The Next Danica Patrick?

I’m extremely lucky to have been given the opportunity to attend the Porsche Driving School in Birmingham, AL with the Oakley Women earlier this month. It was an experience I never thought I would have and one that I enjoyed way more than I could have imagined. I finally had time to put together all the video that I took to share with you guys about what it was truly like. 

Here are the basics about the course. It was two days and anyone can attend as long as they sign up and pay. Many of the women there were gifted the experience from their husbands as a Christmas and Birthday present. Some had been saving up to attend and another won the experience at an auction. Some owned Porches but most did not. Oakley recently signed on to be one of the sponsors of the program which sells out routinely without any advertising at all. It’s all word of mouth! I had such an incredible experience I know a few people that I would 100% recommend on going. It is pricey but the reason is because you are basically beating the sh*t out of the cars which cost well over $100K. The parts like break pads, tires and clutches need to be replaces every few days or weeks. Your breakfast and lunches are included as well as dinner one night. 

 IMG 4837

The other Oakley ambassadors on the trip were Christine Donaldson (singer & Instagram celeb), Jenny Fletcher (Model/Professional Triathlete) and Kristi Leskinen (Professional Freestyle Skier). After the long day, we took some time to unwind at our fabulous hotel pool by taking advantage of the sick slide. 

IMG 4843

We had dinner at the resort the first night with the entire Porsche driving school attendees and instructors. It was fun to hear about how they came to be an instructor and their individual professional racing careers. We also showed Kristi how do the knot bun. 

IMG 4845

After the first day, I was exhausted. By the time lunch came around I was starving so I made sure to eat a hearty breakfast on day 2. I was surprised at how active driving a race car really is. I filled up on oatmeal, eggs and fruit with black coffee and plenty of water. It was hot and staying hydrated was a challenge all day. 

IMG 4846

We got lots of photos taken with the various cars we drove. I got to test drive 4 cars in total. 

IMG 4847

The Cayenne was my favorite, probably because I own an SUV myself. 

IMG 4870

I was pretty shocked at what it could do. I would love to take my car to a driving school and learn what else it is capable of doing. 

IMG 4881

The Cayenne was balanced on just two wheels. I didn’t get a chance to test drive this obstacle but Christine handled it like a pro. I probably would have been scared out of my mind. The race track was at the Barber Sports facility and looked more like a well groomed golf course than a track. There was a also a fabulous museum featuring some of the very first motorcycles and cars ever built. 

IMG 4884

Would you ever consider going to a driving school for a mini sports vacation or know someone who would love to themselves?

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