My Baby Better Not Start Walking Now

I’ve been a little down lately about my blog. I feel like I don’t have the time to put into it that I want. It’s hard juggling the “work from home mom” thang so when I was invited to a “Women in YouTube” initiative event in LA, I said yes!

I’m always honored to be asked by YouTube to do anything. It’s such a saturated market these days and to be recognized is huge. This meant leaving Tommy for three days when he is just starting to walk…

On Sunday he took three baby steps and has continued to take one or two each day. Occasionally he’ll do three steps. Before leaving for the airport, he took three pretty balanced steps before face planting. He then gave me the biggest hug before reaching for his Dad.

I’m going to be home Saturday night but I can’t help but feel very emotional about the fact that he very well might start walking and I’m going to be away! I’m never away. Why did my trip have to coincide with this huge milestone?

How do parents who travel frequently do it?

I told Nick that if Tommy should walk across the room to not tell me. I don’t want to know. I told Tommy not to of course (because 10 month olds really know how to listen to directions).

Breastfeeding and Travel


For the trip, I brought along my breast pump and bags to store the milk. I’m going to try to bring some of it home as a carry on. I did not do the Milk Stork again. It was expensive and honestly, Tommy doesn’t like the older milk. I attribute that to my lack of proper storage before placing the milk into the container, not the stork service.

I also only have enough milk theoretically in the freezer for two days and I’ll be away for 3. I bought formula from the Honest Company and have samples of Enfamil but Tommy has never been given formula before. He’s a boob guy. He hates bottles.

Tommy does loves sippy cups though! I told Nick and his mom to give T milk in the sippy during the day and bottle at night. At the first few milk attempts, he only had a little to drink. This is the first time I’ve left that he’s been eating a fair amount of regular food so I’m hoping the lack of milk won’t cause him to be too fussy. I know he won’t starve but I’m nervous that he will refuse all milk options. If he does, I guess he’ll be even more excited to see me when I get home.

The event on Friday is at Google Headquarters in Venice. I’m curious to see what pumping options I have. I feel like Google should have a nice place to do it, right?

I’ll be gone for two nights but brought way too much stuff. The pump alone is heavy plus the flight is a great opportunity to get work done, so of course I need my laptop. I also need my camera to vlog the trip, it is YouTube after all and lastly my iPad to watch Bad Moms on the way home! I really didn’t need too many clothes which was nice. Usually, I have to bring out like 15 outfits for shoots. Clothes weigh more than you’d think.

youtube cupcake

I’m excited to be attending this event in LA with 40 other female creators. I need something to spark my motivation again. I feel like I’ve just been “blahhhhh” lately when it comes to creating content. So much of my energy is focused on getting done deals that come in and being a mom that I rarely have time to sit and research or be creative.

Anyway, I don’t know why I’m blogging about this. I guess I just really don’t want Tommy to take his first steps while I’m gone and if I blog about it, I will feel like he won’t! Kidding. He probably will now that I wrote all this.

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