The Best Gift For New Moms

The best gifts for a new mom might not be what you think. Mom likely will say she doesn’t need anything and she might be right from a materialistic standpoint. What she needs though is time.

Time to be by herself, to go for a run, get her nails done or just take a nap. Things that give her more time to do things she enjoys doing like having a cleaning service come to the house or dinner delivered. Time to spend with her partner without the baby. And also, time to spend with the baby outside of the house with other new moms!

So you’re probably thinking right now, perfect! I’ll run down the street and get a gift certificate to her favorite nail salon. While that is a step in the right direction, it’s not exactly helpful unless she has someone to watch the baby. This happened to me a few times. Nick got me a gift card to the spa one week after Tommy was born.

Ahhh 1st time parents… We have no idea what we are doing.

Here are my favorite gift ideas for new moms to give them time.

  1. A night out with the hubby by volunteering to babysit and a gift card to a restaurant.

 2. A 6 week package to one of their favorite classes like Baby Wiggles or Little Lovage. These are just examples of where I bring Tommy in Boston so ask your mom if you aren’t sure where they go.img_5679

 3. A mom’s spa day with sitter included. You can gift a babysitter through Summer Sitters, or Sensible Sitters and bring mom to the salon to get mani/pedis.

 4. A week of meals from a subscription service like Terra’s Kitchen or The Foodery. Both require little or zero cooking. New mom’s do not have the time to spend an hour in the kitchen making dinner.

5. Also, a new coat that she can wear with a baby carrier like b&me NYC  so she can run errands without the hassle of a stroller. Let me tell you, there are zero stores on Newbury street that are fun to shop in with a huge honking stroller. It’s so much more time efficient to wear a newborn, especially in the winter with snowy sidewalks or traveling! The best part about this coat is that you can wear it while pregnant and then it transforms to be a coat that fits nicely over a Baby Bjorn or ergo 360. They come in vests too perfect for laying under a heavier jacket.

Some of these suggestions get pricey, especially the class options and are perfect for splitting with a group of friends or family. Even if you live in different cities, it’s easy to split the cost of gifts using Square Cash, a new app from Square, Inc.

It’s the best app for paying back friends and family. It makes it easy to split a dinner bill, buy group gifts or organize bachelorette party mischief.

My sister and I are big fans of splitting gifts during the holidays. One of us is usually distracted and needs the other’s help getting to everyone on our lists.square cash

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square cash 2

If you are short on cash yourself, just offer to babysit! Sitters these days cost $15-25 an hour. This gift may seem cheap but it’s invaluable for new parents, especially those who don’t have family close by.

As a new mom myself, these gift ideas will not disappoint! If you really want to give them something that they can use this winter, check out

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This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Square, Inc. The opinions and text are all mine.

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