My Favorite 90’s Workout Playlist

Since I’ve been using the Peloton bikes, I’ve been more willing to try theme rides where playlists are specifically curated and advertised for scheduled rides. This 90’s playlist was born out of my excitement from a recent 80’s ride.

Nineties music isn’t necessarily Pump Up The Jams or random La Bouche songs. Britney and *NSYNC both came on to the scene in the 90’s. Pretty much every song before my Sophomore year of high school is 90’s and I wanted tap into some of the nostalgia as workout motivation for my mammas during a recent Mommy + Me Bootcamp class at Burn Fitness Back Bay.

I teach a Mommy and Me Bootcamp workout class for mom’s and non mobile babies every Monday at 10:30 am in Boston. I’ve had a bunch of moms tell me that they searched for a class like mine and it was really hard to find despite my efforts.

Anyway, here is my recent playlist that I’m obsessed with and can’t stop listening to myself. Enjoy!

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