My Favorite Products at Expo East 2012

At Expo East, I only took pictures of my favorite products. Here are a few that I tried and was obsessed with. You probably haven’t heard of most brands, which is because they are small and new! You can buy most online however. 

These flackers were amazing. Raw, vegan flax seed crackers may not sound appetizing but these taste like crispy cinnamon raisin toast. 
IMG 0029

These Sea Farm BBQ Seaweed Snacks were amazing! I haven’t had a flavor other than wasabi and these expanded my horizon to a whole new category of foods. The ranch were tasty as well!IMG 0030

Ok, so these cookies by Purely Elizabeth were out of control good. They were vegan and organic, made with almond flour, chia seeds and coconut palm sugar, absolutely phenomenal. One of the best tasting chocolate chip cookies that I have tasted. YES!IMG 0031Of course the half baked consistency helped my opinion. They were perfectly gooey in the center and crispy on top.IMG 0032

So my latest obsession with Kale chips continues with Brads Raw Leafy Kale, specifically the Pina Kale-ada.  Brads Raw Chips

The cheesy versions are always a hit as well. I can’t get enough of these dehydrated chips these days. IMG 0034

Chobani took notice of their adult demographic buying their smaller portioned Champion brand line and has created 100-calorie fun flavored snacks that will hit shelves in January. I tried the coffee and chocolate chip. It was the best tasting Greek Yogurt I’ve tried yet. IMG 0038

They also will come in caramel pineapple and a fig combination flavor. Look out for these on shelves in 2013. IMG 0039I also stopped by the Wild Squirrel Nut Butter booth. I saw the girls on Shark Tank and had to stop by. Their peanut butter flavors are delicious. My favorite is the honey pretzel flavor was my favorite!IMG 0040

Another cookie win was by Ginny Bakes. These gluten-free cookies come already made but also in mix form. For one cookie, you’ll only be consuming 80 calories. They were great!IMG 0044

Lastly, Brittany and I stopped by the Vega booth to say hi to Elizabeth! As you know, Vega is one of my favorite protein powders! I was excited to see them at Expo East and try a few new products!IMG 0045

As if I didn’t have enough snacks at the expo, I went to dinner with a few blogger friends at Bria. We wanted something quick and with 8 girls at 8:30 pm we were quickly sat. I ordered a grilled salmon salad with tomatoes and asparagus. The balsamic vinaigrette made the dish.IMG 0048

It’s always fun to catch up with blog friends and we have two more nights! In the picture above are my Laughing Cow gals Allison, and Brittney on the left (Brittney does the TLC twitter), me, Brittany, Julie, Monica, Tina and Lindsey.  

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