When I decided to become a full-time vlogger, I used to take my precious time grocery shopping each week. I counted it as work, perusing the isles looking for new products to share with my viewers. I knew I was everyone’s least favorite person to shop with quickly in college when my sorority sisters would be waiting on the benches on the other side of the registers for me to finish up. However, as my schedule quickly filled up, these luxury trips stopped. I’m in and out of my weekly Trader Joe’s Monday pit stop usually in 20 minutes (depending on how long the lines are).

I know what I like and I know what Trader Joe’s has. Since their prices are always competitive, they do not do sales. When I shop at the big grocery store, I’m often lured by their attractive deals and end up making additional purchases to create a complete meal with the sale item. I also hit up farmer’s markets during the summer in Boston. I finally decided to put together my grocery list for all of you to see and critique. Here you go:

In addition to the above list, I usually will grab a few veggies to throw in my salad like grape tomatoes, cucumber and onion. Jarred veggies are a staple as well like olives, roasted red peppers and jalapenos for flavor.

Am I missing any of your staples? If it looks like my sweet tooth is lacking, my go-to is frozen bananas with almond milk and vanilla protein powder. It makes the best soft serve ice cream.

I hate my kitchen so you will not see it in another video for a very long time!

My Healthy & Clean Grocery Guide

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  • Cdn_Runner

    My staples include avocadoes, chickpeas, black beans and corn niblets. I like using cilantro, lemon and lime for flavor!

  • Lisa

    Hi Sarah! Absolutely love your videos! I was just wondering, do you count your calories on a daily basis? How do you handle cheats? Do you have a designated day? How often do you weigh yourself?I’m so used to weighing myself every day and worrying about all the numbers--but it’s beginning to stress me out! Sorry for all the questions! Im in maintence mode and trying to figure things out! Your such a great role model so I was wondering--Any tips? Thanks girl! 🙂

  • Holly J

    I love seeing a person’s fridge! Thanks for sharing. Do you know any companies that make Greek style soy or coconut yogurt? I know Soy Delicious did, but I can’t find it in the health food stores anymore.

  • jen

    have you tried hazelnut milk? i haven’t yet but it’s pretty new i think here in the uk.. i’m quite tempted! are hazelnuts even good for you?!

  • Taylor

    My stables are pretty much the same, but I am addicted to sunflower butter. We also always have barley in the house and eggplant. I think I could eat eggplant every day. I just got hooked on SunWarrior vegan protein, it’s delish.

    Thanks for sharing!!

  • Natasha

    I usually go for frozen blueberries as well -- I eat those things by the bag haha
    I also LOVE Oasis black bean or lentil dip from whole foods! Sooo delicious!

  • Colleen

    I have a massive sweet tooth, and have read a few things about frozen bananas, I think I’m sold now and will be adding it to my grocery list!

  • Viviana

    Pretty much same here! Also spinach and kale, you can always freeze them for green smoothies if you don’t eat them fresh. Also cucumbers, lemons and mint are becoming a staple for flavored water! And limes are a must for summer cocktails 😀 Pineapple definitely makes the list for me this time of year too.

  • Danielle

    Love your grocery haul! So many clean and fresh foods it’s great to see 🙂 I love taking my time to grocery shop! I’m always on the lookout for new items. I love banana “soft serve”! Sometimes I’ll mix coconut milk and frozen fruit in the blender too for a different flavor “soft serve”

    • Sarah

      I get those too -- this was more of a what’s in my fridge right now video. I buy those all the time too -- just not when we filmed. I don’t buy the exact same things every time I go to the store, but if I listed everything I’ve ever purchased, it would be too difficult to remember everything (and pricey and things would go bad).

  • paige

    Hi Sarah! I was wondering what you thought of the JCORE zero-lite drink mix. I have been thinking about buying it, but am unsure. Is it safe/approved by the FDA? Do you think it is actually effective? I would love your input. Thanks so much.

  • Shannon

    Does anyone have any fantastic recipes for quinoa? My husband is SUPER picky and I’ve yet to find a way for him to eat it! He is one of those naturally thin easily fit people. I’m a bit jealous. lol.

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