My Latest Pregnancy Workouts and Eats

While this isn’t an official pregnancy update, today I am sharing a few preggy updates including workouts, meals and anxieties.


Last week, I noticed that my comfort levels have been seriously declining when it comes to moving my body. As such, Monday was a rest day.

Tuesday: I took an SPX Pilates class at BTone and realized how much core strength I have lost! Imagine wearing a weight lifting belt or heavy fanny pack while doing planks, it’s not fun. Transitioning between moves is also a lot slower. My hips feel like they have aged 20 years in 2 weeks. After a set of lunges, I can’t just hop off the reformer. It’s a slow transition and I need something to hold on to, like a grandparent.

Wednesday: I was invited by Drink Maple to try a class at the new SoulCycle in Back Bay. I hydrated with both a bottle of water and maple water during class.

soulcycle back bay

Thank god for indoor cycling. While I can’t really do some of the tap back/dip movements at places like Soul or Recycle, I still can get a good workout in without feeling uncomfortable.

soul cycle

This was my 8th SoulCycle class. By now, I’ve learned that I have a 50/50 percent chance of liking the instructor. This one was good, better than a BSC or most spin studios in Boston but not my favorite. Since SC is all about the customer service, they gave me a few classes to come back and try a few others so I’m going to wait to post anything else until then!

Thursday: REST DAY

Friday: I had a lot of energy on Friday and didn’t have a ton scheduled so I was a little crazy. I went to a BTone class at 10am and then I took an indoor cycling class at Recycle Studio at 5:30pm with Emily and Erin. It was a special rock class that I really enjoyed. I don’t like heavy metal but I appreciate a good throw back Limp Bizkit song. Nick was working late and I had nothing planned so it was essentially my Friday night outing.

Foam ROlling

Saturday: I desperately needed a prenatal yoga class but couldn’t find one so instead I foam rolled and walked 25 minutes on the treadmill. I walked at a 3 mph and a 5 incline and was winded! How did I run a half marathon just a few weeks ago!?

Sunday: I took my third spin class of the week at Recycle Studio with Alice.


Trader Joe’s has a seasonal bagel item called the Harvest Bagel. It is delicious and I was obsessed with it last week. It has only 230 calories and is made with cranberries and other seeds. I put some organic whipped cream cheese on top for a truly preg-tastic breakfast that even Nick enjoyed.

bagel from trader joes

It seems like bagels are a unanimous pregnancy favorite among my friends. These make you feel at least a little healthy about your choices. I’ve also been loving a decaf Chai Tea with Tumeric I got from World Market Cost Plus.


‘Tis the season for fall root vegetables like carrots, beets, turnips and more! I stopped by our local farmer’s market in Copley Place and picked up a few things for dinners.

Fall Vegetables

One of my pregnancy cravings lately has been crisp apples with peanut butter. I can’t get enough of them!

Fall Squash

I made steak teriyaki with brown rice and roasted Brussels Sprouts for dinner Friday night. Just a little bit of olive oil, salt and pepper really does the trick. So good.  dinner



Recently, I started freaking out about labor. I do not feel prepared. Originally I wanted to have a natural birth but the more I read about, the less inclined I am to prepare for one. I just don’t have the time at this point to take a 5 week course and don’t think I’ll enjoy a 9-5 birthing class.

I signed up for two classes however this weekend. One to prepare for breastfeeding and the other to prepare for when the baby arrives. I have no idea how to give a newborn a bath or care for his umbilical cord. I’ve also started reading my Ina May pregnancy book.

What was your birth plan? Did you stick to it or did it go completely out the window? Is it worth taking a childbirth prep class?

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