My Latest StitchFix Review + How To Get The Best Stuff| Winter 2017

I was an early fan of Stitch Fix but stopped getting them because I thought I could find clothes on my own that I liked better at Nordstrom Rack or H&M for similar quality and better prices. A year into motherhood, the lure of having a personal stylist, someone else to pick out clothes for me became very appealing and so I gave it another shot.

I also wanted to give it another try because I saw they were now carrying Rails shirts. I have one of their plaid shirts and am obsessed. It’s my go to top. In order to get one in my “fix”, I not only requested one but I also had to increase the amount I was willing to spend on my profile for tops and I updated my Pinterest board.

Your stylist will look to a style Pinterest board if you tell them that you have one and if you’ve updated it recently with other Stitch Fix items from bloggers even better. I took about 10 minutes to do this.

STITCH FIX Review January 2017

The result was a fix that I was obsessed with and one of the first times I kept every item which gets you 25% off. It was my most expensive hauls but I feel like as I get older, I’m moving more into buying fewer items and things that are better quality that will last.

Here is what I got:

Morelle Double Layer Knit Top, Soft Joie

I loved this top. It’s perfect for mom casual but you can dress it up too. It’s machine washable and so comfortable. It was more money than I would have spent if I had not been able to use the 25% off but since I will wear it a ton, I justified the price.

Stitch Fix Winter 2017 Soft Joie Sweatshirt

I am not wearing an undershirt, that is part of the style. I knew I was going to keep this before I saw the price. I like the few things I have from Joie and was excited to see the brand in my fix. I love the layered look. I found it for sale at Bloomingdales as well (affiliate link).

Burgess Swing Knit Pullover, LNA

Ok, this top is the softest, most comfortable pullover I’ve tried on. It actually looks in person more like the inside of a soft sweatshirt on the outside but it’s loose and looks great over collared shirts. It also looks good with jeans or leggings – a work from home mom win.

Stitch Fix Winter 2017 Grey Sweatshirt

It doesn’t look like anything special in the photo, but it’s just so soft and simple that I had to keep it because I knew I would wear it every day if I could and I really almost do. The quality hold up on this one is still out and you do have to hand wash it which is a major bummer but since it’s dark, you can get away with a little dirt. This also would be very baby bump friendly!

Molli Hooded Open Cardigan, Laila Jayde

This was probably my least favorite because of the weird grey color, is it grey or is it purple, I don’t know. It’s comfortable and I love cardigans especially since I’m still nursing so I kept this one. It’s also thin enough that I’ll be able to wear it into the Spring. It also happened to be the cheapest thing in my box with the exception of my necklace. It has a hood and slits on the side. The fuzzy things are not the top but a mirror that needs to be cleaned!
Stitch Fix Long Cardigan Winter 2017

Ellson One Pocket Top, Rails

This top is similar to one that I already have but I wear the other one so much, I wanted to another! This one has navy and red undertones so it’s good to wear with brown boots while my other is grey and black which I pair with both black and brown. Again, it’s a hand wash item but I love how soft these tops are. You can also buy it at Nordstroms here (affiliate link). Excuse me while I go weep in the corner…

Stitch Fix 2017 Rails Flannel Shirt

It’s wrinkled because I just washed it and haven’t gotten them out yet. I wore the shirt to Tommy’s birthday party.

Jacques Choker and Chain Necklace, Jenny Bird

I’m also wearing the 5th item from my box in the picture below as well as in the Swing Pullover. It’s a Jenny Bird Necklace called the “Jacques chocker and chain necklace.” It’s a thin silver choker with a copper chain. Both are very thin and dainty. Here is a link to a similar necklace (affiliate link).

Rails Flannel Shirt StitchFix Winter 2017

You can see the chain better in the pullover picture.

So, I ended up keeping everything and getting 25% off my entire order. I had a few credits from my blog and ended up spending $250 for all of the items. This might sound like a lot, but I never go shopping. I got a few items for Christmas and then gifted myself this fix because I loved the items so much. Each one is casual enough to wear during the day, in videos, to my mom classes but also nice enough to dress up for the rare date night or work event.

So after being disappointed with my Stitch Fix items for months, I successfully cracked the code I think for me. The Pinterest board was helpful but my problem before was that I would get these items from brands I had never heard of and felt like the price did not match the quality. By increasing the amount I was willing to spend, I got brands I had heard of and already loved and got 25% off of new styles. My other Rails shirt was purchased at Crush on Newbury Street during a friends and family sale for 20% off. My previous price was “Cheaper the better” and I upped it to $100-150.

I used to keep items in my fix because they were cheap but didn’t wear them a lot after purchasing. So far, I’ve worn these 4 items over the course of a month than I have of my combined past 5 fixes!

They also now have Stitch Fix for men as well as for pregnant women! If you’re a mom, I would give it a try. It’s not a discount service if you don’t keep all of the items and I would not have kept the Laila Jade top but I saved more by keeping it!

I was not paid for this review and did pay for the clothes. I used $100 in credits that I earned through my blog. 

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