What’s In A Fitness Blogger’s Freezer

I love seeing what other people have in their refrigerators and freezers, especially health obsessed people like myself.

Today’s New Video Tuesday features a haul from “What’s In My Freezer.” You probably know this but as a blogger (like magazine editors), I get sent products to taste and test out. I have made clear in the video and below which items were sent and which items I purchased.  All but one item featured were purchased at Trader Joe’s, Stop & Shop or Whole Foods.

Watch the video or keep reading to see what I’m currently loving…

Trader Joe’s

Frozen Fruit (for smoothies)

Frozen Veggies, Mushrooms, Fire Roasted Peppers + Onions, Misto all Griglia and Riced Cauliflower

We love the frozen vegetables from Trader Joe’s for power bowls. Right now, our current favorite is the mist all griglia which recently was repackaged and red pepper was added to the mix. We eat the veggies as a side dish, in pasta or with balsamic glaze and rice as a power bowl.

Quinoa Cowboy Veggie Burgers with Black Beans and Roasted Corn

I actually eat these by themselves as a veggie “cake” rather than burger. I add salsa chicken on top or just salsa and avocado. I also love to add it chopped up to lettuce and enjoy as a salad.

Trader Joe’s Rice Medley

This come in handy when you want dinner fast. I love the varied textures or the brown and red rice with black barley. It’s perfect as a side or topped with veggies and protein for a power bowl.


Whole Foods

Earth’s Best Veggie Nuggets (For Tommy)

These are Tommy’s favorite. They say for children 2+ years old but I just break them up and he gobbles them right up. He’s a picky eater these days so it’s nice to have something relatively healthy that I know he will eat.


Halo Top Ice Cream

Ok, so I held out for a long time. I do not like Arctic Zero particularly so I did not think I would like Halo. However, I have it a try and have to admit that I really do enjoy it. It was on sale right before we shot this video so I picked up a couple of pints. I like how they list the number of calories on the front for the entire carton. If Ben & Jerry’s did that, it would read over 1000 calories for most flavors! So sure, it’s doesn’t taste exactly like real ice cream but it’s pretty close and the new flavors are bomb. I really liked the S’Mores and need to try the cookie dough but it was already sold out. The peanut butter cup was fine, but I don’t know why the added the “cup” to the flavor name, there was no chocolate and just one little swirl of PB along the side. The oatmeal cookie had actually oatmeal in it and tasted just like an oatmeal cookie.

I actually don’t remember eating the sea salt caramel so I guess that means it was good but not memorable.

Organic Frozen Mango

This is for Tommy to enjoy thawed and me for smoothies. It’s so soft for him to eat and practically melts in his mouth.

Stop & Shop

Nature’s Promise Ground Turkey

I like having a protein always in the fridge for when you can’t get to the grocery store. Ground turkey is a staple in our house for turkey meatloaf or turkey meatballs for Tommy.


We made a huge batch of salsa chicken so in the video, you see the extra servings frozen to use at a later date.

I also featured FITzee Foods which are fresh, healthy meals delivered to your door. The meals are single serving, already prepared and ready to eat. I got a delivery from them to try out and had to freeze half of them so now I get to enjoy them when I want. The meals that I have tried so far are flavorful, filling and so good, I’ve tried to recreate a few of the recipes. They are a great solution if you are looking to lose weight and do not have time to meal prep. So many meal delivery services are high in calorie, require a ton of time to prepare and come in multiple servings. These single serving meals allow convenience and calorie control.

One of my favorite meals so far was the Paleo Shepherds Pie, gluten and dairy free, paleo friendly and low carb. It’s made with free range ground turkey baked in a casserole with carrots, celery, onions, peas and mushrooms, topped with mashed sweet potatoes. Tommy was also a big fan!


They are located in Southern California, but ship nationwide. The meals do not arrive frozen so you can heat them up and enjoy right away or freeze some of the meals like I did to enjoy when you don’t have time to cook.

Breast milk… of course. I couldn’t leave this out! ????

Watch the video to see what else I have in my freezer. Did I forget one of your favorites?

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