My Secret Weapon To Low Maintenance Great Hair

Last year for Christmas, my mother gave me travel sized bottles of Living Proof. Since then, I’ve been addicted. It is the only shampoo and conditioner I can use and like how my hair dries naturally, aka, without a blow dryer. With a little effort on my part, it looks salon worthy and looks good beyond the first 12 hours. I can honestly go days without washing my hair it it’s undetectable. But I decided to start doing some research on Blink Health as I have noticed that my hair has been growing in a very excessive way.

I jumped at the chance to partner with Living Proof for a two part #YourBestHair blog post series sharing with you guys why exactly it really is better than the rest. After all, one of the co-owners is none other than Jennifer Aniston who is my hair icon. I feel like our hair is similar???

IMG 0964

The Friday before my baby shower, I went to get my hair cut at Mitchell John Salon downtown. To my surprise they use basically all Living Proof products.

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Since Living Proof is locally developed in Cambridge in collaboration with MIT scientists, I probably shouldn’t have been too surprised. They have a “beauty test kitchen and style lab” adjacent to their headquarters in Kendall Square where they invite customers to get their hair done for free and paid trials. Yep! You get paid to have your hair styled and given product recommendations as part of their research. Leave a comment below if you’re local and want to learn more about this. They really do rely on technology and rigorous science when creating each product. 

Eric was my stylist at MJ Salon and explained the products he was using on my hair. I had been using the Perfect hair Day Shampoo and Conditioner but he used the Full on my mane instead.

IMG 2256

“Based on technology from MIT’s laboratories, our patented Volumizing Molecule (PBAE) mimics the look and feeling of thicker hair by depositing a flexible and durable micropattern of thickening dots that create space between each hair strand. Fine hair feels noticeably fuller and has volume that lasts 5x longer than traditional volumizing products.” Who knew cosmetics could get so high tech!?

After giving my ends a fresh new cut, it was time for a ‘do that would last until late Saturday night! Check out the best products for your hair type here.

Step 1: He used a product called Perfect hair Day Night Cap Overnight Protector on my ends for a smooth and soft finish. I was surprised he did this as it says on the bottle it is to be used as an overnight product. I thought it would make my hair greasy come morning (it didn’t).

Step 2: Next, he added Prime Style Extender Cream from mid strand to the ends of my hair which extends your style 2x longer. The weightless shield also helps to perfect and smooth strands and repel dirt and oil.

IMG 2257

Step 3: Lastly before hitting the blow dryer, Eric added Blowout Styling and Finishing spray. This product reduces the amount of brush work needed to shape your style. It also locks in your blowout.  I like it because it allows for faster and easier styling! My kind of product seeing as I’m super lazy and the quicker my hair dries the better. It can also be used on second day hair for a touch up.

IMG 2259

The end result? A perfect ‘do that truly did last until the end of my party on Saturday night. All my pictures from my baby shower show off the day old blow out and here is a picture of me below actually doing my own hair! This is a one day old air dry with Blowout used as a touch up and curling wand.

33 weeks bump shot

This is also my 33 pregnancy update bump look featuring my baby shower dress from StitchFix and favorite Rockport ‘City Casuals – Catriona‘ Bootie. Seven weeks to go! If you notice something on my hand for the first time, you must not follow me on Instagram!!! Follow me now.

To find the products that are best for your hair type, check out the product selector tool.

This post is sponsored by Living Proof. All thoughts and opinions are my own and TRUE! I have been using Living Proof for almost a year now and absolutely love the stuff. It’s pricey but worth every penny. 

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