The LittleFit Baby Shower

This past Saturday was probably my most favorite day ever. Seriously. I have never felt so loved, blessed and surrounded by friends and family all at the same time. I know I sound like every Facebook status update you read last weekend but from 9am until 10pm, I don’t think I stopped smiling.

My sister graciously offered to have the shower in her new home with the help of my Mom, Nick’s mom, and Nick’s sister. We remembered to take one picture before the madness began. I forgot to get one with the “in laws”! 🙁

Family Shower Picture

My dress is from a StitchFix box sent last month but is by Ingrid and Isabel. I requested dresses from the maternity label and kept both they sent me. I also wore my Tiffany’s necklace from the half marathon on purpose to signify the feat baby and I accomplished together.

Our families pooled together a bunch of baby pictures of the both of us for each table with cute diaper/flower centerpieces.

Baby Shower Decor

I was born needing a hair cut! See my Instagram if you don’t believe me. Baby Shower Decor Pictures

Baby Pictures

Nick had a dream that our little man was blonde. These pictures I think confirm he will NOT be blonde. I’m just hoping he gets my straight hair.

Baby Shower Pictures

When guests arrived, they were encouraged to decorate onesies and bibs. Anne Marie’s says New Kid On The Block in block letters, so cute! Elizabeth, who loves all things nautical, of course made an adorable “Ahoy! It’s a Boy!” bib in red and blue.

Baby Shower Activity

Ashley, who is more into health and fitness than I am, made LittleFit a very fitting onesie, GMOs.GMO onesie

Lucie and Rachel are my go to photo/video gals below who traveled with me this summer in the Caribbean. Of course, their onesies were the most impressive/artistic. Rachel did an amazing Boston Marathon logo and Lucie captured the Boston skyline perfectly.

Rachel and Lucie

I tried to enjoy having all my best friends and family in one room without getting too overwhelmed. It was not easy. Baby Shower Gifts

Family COusins

For lunch, we had a salad bar complete with all my favorite things and finger sandwiches. Lobster salad from Portland, ME of course, chicken salad, mango, avocado, Cape Cod Potato chips, my mom’s broccoli slaw with ramen noodles and more. I took a picture before it was ready for presentation but you get the gist. I loved this idea and had no idea they were doing it.

Salad Bar

After lunch, it was time to open up all the gifts for my little man. I’ll have a separate post sharing my registry favorites and Rachel my videographer was in attendance as a guest – not working – but brought along her camera so we do have a little video to share in a week or so of what I got!

You can also see the onesie Jordan made featuring Lil’ Fit on the front. LOVE!!!Opening Gifts at Baby Shower

My mom was very concerned about what to get for my desserts since I am a sugar snob. I said I didn’t care if we had a cake but I wanted an assortment. She ordered a bunch of things from White’s bakery in Hingham. I love their seven layer bars and macarons (not pictured). Desserts from Whites Bakery

Of course we had to have cake pops as well in blue and white. I love White’s and highly recommend stopping by if you haven’t before.

Cake Pops

It was an amazing day and I’m so thankful for everyone that was able to make it! There were a bunch of friends and family that were out of town but room wise, we had the perfect amount. High School Ladies

Cape Girls


Nick came later to help bring me and our gifts home. He loves holding baby Dylan.

Nick Fit and DYlan

Originally, we wanted to have a Jack and Jill shower. When I realized how expensive that might be for our moms and sisters to put on, we opted to have a small traditional shower followed by a cocktail party for all our friends thrown by us. We booked Bastille Kitchen in the Seaport from 6-9pm and invited 60 of our closest friends – who almost all showed up!

Rockport Booties

My dress is again by Ingrid and Isabel and shoes are the Seven to 7 Ally High Bootie by Rockport. I wore high heels all day and rarely wear them at all! I rarely sat down and was good all night. Rockport is the only company whose heels I can wear without complaining.

Many of our friends before the event were like, “What the hell is this?” We called it the Apres Baby Shower Party. It was meant to be a party not a shower, and an excuse to get together all our friends before the madness of the Holiday season and arrival of our son.

The evening flew by in the bat of an eye lash. We didn’t speak to each other really all night but instead were split up talking to our guests, thanking them for coming and catching up. I felt terrible I couldn’t spend more time with some of the people that came. We imagine this is what a wedding would feel like and both decided we don’t need one any time soon.

This week actually marks a really fun anniversary for Nick and I. We are officially celebrating our 8 year anniversary from when we first met at a mutual friend’s birthday party in downtown Boston. We also have 8 weeks to go until the little man’s arrival! Be sure to check Instagram later today for a new bump shot update 😉

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