This past weekend, I spent in New York City with Oakley Women to run the New York Mini 10K. How is a 10K mini you’re probably thinking? When the race first started in 1972, the organizer said it was a mini marathon for the women to run because back then, women were not always allowed to run with the men. After a stormy night, we were lucky to have clear skies and perfect temperatures for the 6.2 mile race through Central Park.IMG 4108

This is the first major race Oakley has sponsored and their shirts could not be cuter. It featured their new slogan “made for more.” I started out running with Noelle Kozak, Pear enthusiast, and felt like I had my very own running coach. She challenged me to finish with under 8 minute mile splits. I should have known this wasn’t going to happen, but gave it my best. Around mile 4, my heart rate was at 185 and Noelle was at 166 BPM. While she said we were both at zone 5 (the max zone), I told her to go sprint to the end. I finished a minute slower than my own PR but still recorded 51:19. Here is my official badge! Kinda cool, right?

There were over 5000 women that ran the race (7000 signed up). I had no idea how fast the women of NYC were. I usually feel like I’m in the front but these ladies had me feeling like a slow poke. The later start time of the race at 8:30 am made it an ideal race for me. The hills were just hard enough to leave me grasping for air but not that bad that I needed to walk or slow down too much. After the race, we went out for brunch and mimosas at Sarabeth‘s. I ordered fruit, a veggie omelet and a side of apple chicken sausage that was amazing. They served us complimentary muffins and scones too. According to the good old HRM, I needed the fuel for our busy day planned!IMG 4068

We ventured down to SoHo to hang out at the Oakley store where runners were given 25% off. I bought roomie a new bathing suit and myself an NY Oakley tank featuring Lady Liberty and a pair of Frogskin sunglasses to wear for our tour on Sunday.

For dinner, we ate at a restaurant called La Esquina that looked like it was located at a taco stand in SoHo. We entered the “deli” and proceeded to be led through an “employees only” door to downstairs where we discovered a swanky restaurant.

IMG 4076

It was really dark so I didn’t take any pictures but the food was fabulous. We had a set menu and were not really able to order but it didn’t matter. They took good care of us and the spicy margarita was outstanding. We went out for a few drinks afterwards because the Oakley gang is a social bunch and very fun to hang out with.

IMG 4077

Not wanting a hangover, I just ordered a beer. I remembered liking the Easy Blonde and it sounds funny ordering. I’m twelve years old sometimes and I like it. I went home early but the other girls partied it up until 2:30-5am!

On Sunday, we ventured down to Liberty Warf for a tour of the NYC harbor area. The new needle on the Freedom Tower was cool to see in person.

IMG 4083

I love tours. I’m a nerd and I love history. It was fun to pass by Governor’s Island after the music festival, hear about Ellis Island again and see the statue up close. I have been to Ellis Island twice but still haven’t been up the statue. She’s closed again for renovation and of course Jenny (Oakley Women Marketing), AJ (Oakley Ambassador) and me all wore our awesome NYC Oakley tanks.

IMG 0254

Sunday night we had an 8:30 pm reservation at ABC Kitchen and didn’t leave until midnight! I never stay out that late on a Sunday these days. The food was phenomenal. I had a vodka strawberry lemonade to start and then forgot to take any more pictures. Sorry! If you go though, I highly recommend the salted caramel sundae with hot fudge, caramel popcorn and peanuts. Yes. It’s just as good as it sounds. Everything was very fresh, heavy on veggies, light on the bad stuff and mostly organic/whole grain.

IMG 4096

Since it felt so healthy (except the dessert), it was too easy to keep eating. Oops. Monday required a little detox. The Oakley gals and ambassadors all posed outside before heading into our cabs and home for the night.

IMG 4097

Somebody has got a wicked cool tan line… On Monday, I was excited to head back to Boston and get back into the regular swing of things. NYC was so much fun, but oh so tiring. I love to visit, but love to leaving even more. Ha!

Oakley NY Mini 10K Recap & NYC weekend

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  • Tricia

    I LOVE ABC!!!!!! so hard to get a reserv there i had to make it a month in advance for my birthday, and yes i splurged on that dessert -- AMAZING!!!!
    I read your blog all the time i thought i would share this idea for your niece that i have done with my nieces. When they were born i started an “add a pearl necklace” on a silver chain every holiday, birthday etc.. i get them a pearl so by the time they are around 18 they will have a full necklace and the jeweler will have them strung for you so it is a real pearl necklace (and not a couple of pearls on a chain) My niece wore one with 5 pearls on it as my flower girl this year. Any jewler will do it for you, i made the first one a pink pearl for the day that she was born. -- a lot of my friends have used this as well so i thought i would share.

    • Sarah

      I love this idea 🙂 So cute! Hopefully she’s nothing like me and won’t lose it haha. i lose everything :P. Thank you for sharing! xoxo

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