Heart Rate Monitor Giveaway & Pear Sports Review

Do you love to know how many calories you burn per workout? What about checking your heart rate throughout? I’ve been wearing a heart rate monitor for about 3 years now and am pretty addicted. Once you learn your “zones,” you know when your body has reached it’s limit or not. In January, I learned about Pear sports, a training system with a real time heart rate monitoring, and coaching program that runs on your phone.

I have a discount code for you guys today and I’m giving one away, scroll to bottom for details. 

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Pear comes with a heart rate monitoring chest strap that sends data to your iPhone. Check it out here. Since I do not have an updated iPhone, Pear loaned me an iPod touch this month to test out the different training programs. You download the app for free and then connect to the store to download a workout if you like. I downloaded a couple interval runs that were free as well. Pear plans to always have 70% offered for free, while 30% will be more in depth and paid programs for longer races like an Ironman or marathon. Free programs include beginner plans plus weight loss, spin workouts, running and even strength training.

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From here, you calibrate the system with a 20 minute exercise that has you walking for about 5 minutes and brings you up to a 7 outta 10 fast run. If I had known we were not going up to 10, I probably would have pushed it a little harder at 5 or 6 but that’s OK. The calibration tells your what your heart rate zones are for 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 which are used during the real time coaching work outs.

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 Since my triathlon is June 30th, I did a high intensity brick workout for my first workout which consisted of bike sprints followed by a quick run. The blue seen above is where my heart rate was recommended to be. During the workout, I had someone in my ear giving me tips to relax, pick it up, even sometimes little jokes. It helped make the time pass and get me ready for my next interval. The workout was led by Matt Fitzgerald, a world class coach and fitness expert. They have a variety of fabulous coaches who are overly qualified to lead these workouts.

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Since I used the iPod, my distance and speed were not recorded but if you use your phone, it will. At the end of your workout, you are able to analyze your progress and keep track of your workouts. I struggle to reduce my heart rate after zone 5 sprints. I’ll get there with more training. What I love about Pear is the real time feedback during the workout. If you are supposed to be recovering but at a level 4, Matt or whoever will tell you to take it down a notch. If you should be at a level 5, they will let you know as well. I love the Nike Training Club App but sometimes it feels too easy or too hard. Pear makes it just right because it can tell my level of effort.

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You can also do a free format workout like I did for a spin class. It was crazy how high my heart rate would get, which is why I love Recycle. It’s fun to see the zones and my heart rate drop in between songs. The best part about all this is that to purchase the Pear heart rate monitor, it’s only $99 and you get a pair of kick ass stride ear phones (that allow you to adjust audio and hear your heart rate at any time with a click of a button near your ear). Most heart rate monitors start at that and do not include gps sensor or zone guidance.

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I’m not being paid to write this post, I promise it’s not sponsored, but since I loved the app so much, I wanted to share it with you guys AND got you a 10% off discount code as well as free shipping if you want to try it out. Just use promo code sarahfit at check out. PLUS, I’m giving one away on the blog. To enter, just click here and sign up via the Google Doc. It’s much easier to pick a winner at random. Maybe one day, you just might be able to download my interval runs or strength workouts! Until then, they are building the app to include more workouts from celebrity trainer likes Michelle Lovitt and more with current trainers like Noelle who basically coached me through my Oakley Mini 10K! Noelle already has a stand up paddle board interval workout you can download now.

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Am I crazy or do you guys agree this sounds pretty awesome? Do you already have an HR monitor? You do need a newer iPod touch, iPhone 4s or later version but you can try the Pear Pro if you own an iPod shuffle which uses a foot pod to monitor distance/speed. To enter the giveaway, ENTER HERE. 


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