Testing out the new Oakley gear!

I had roomie snap this picture Saturday afternoon post 5-mile run we did together. Roomie easily completed the little loop we did without having run once over the past 3 months. I wore my new Warm Up Oakley sunglasses and Long Sleeve Continuity Half Zip Jersey which was perfect for the 40-degree sunny forecast.
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Oakley sent me a bunch of goodies this week to test out as a welcome package since I’m going to be working with them next year! I initially could not get over how cute some of the clothes were considering I didn’t realize they made clothes for runners and yogis.

I wore a similar to the above short sleeved top to Piloxing, and a couple other tops to Bar Method this week seen below. These I think are my favorites so far. I didn’t have to wear a bra underneath, loved the flattering extra length for my torso and bright colors!

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After my Saturday run, I spent some time grabbing coffee, brunch and a much needed manicure. We ate at my favorite breakfast place in Back Bay, Trident Booksellers and Cafe. I tried the beet & fennel salad on arugula which came with feta and walnuts. I also continued my juice obsession with a carrot, beet, cucumber, ginger and apple juice. And since that sounded way too healthy, of course we ordered a blueberry pancakes for a brunch appetizer/dessert. They have the best pancakes. I love pancakes but know I need nutrition to keep me from craving sweets the rest of day, or 1 hour later for that matter. If one pancake is not on the menu, usually the waitress accommodates the request, which makes me think lots of people do this.

Trident is a bookstore and cafe in one. While waiting for your table you can read the books and even bring one to your table even if you aren’t planning to buy it! Obviously, they would like you to buy it but it’s a great local company that is thriving despite brick and mortar book stores closing nationwide. They are also one of a few places in Boston that serves fresh green juices and vegan options like tofu scramble and vegan cashew chili (which I almost ordered).

2012 11 17 11 46 37Do you ever order a side of pancakes for the table to share?

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