Have you tried Piloxing? It’s a new group exercise class that combines boxing and Pilates. While the founder Viveca Jensen is from Sweden, the class originated in Los Angeles but is expanding across the US. I was invited by Ali Baldassare to come take a class with her at the downtown Equinox last night. Always up for trying something new, I said yes.

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I tried Piloxing years ago when Exercise TV still had videos OnDemand. I didn’t remember hating the routine but couldn’t remember much else. Gloves at the beginning of class were offered to purchase for $20. Each one weighed .5 lbs. I assume they intensify the arm movements, but at the beginning of class, I had no idea and opted not to since they were optional.

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Class began like any aerobic group class, very similar to Lauren’s Barre Burn warm up. Next we moved in to some boxing movements to get our heart rate up. Ali’s energy and graceful form made me want to just dance. I felt like I was in a stress relief version of Zumba. The cardio component had my heart rate around 130-140 BPM the entire time. It was fun and got me sweaty. While it wasn’t super challenging, I would be curious if the intensity would change with the addition of the gloves.

Piloxing Ali Baldassare

There was little Pilates influence on the surface except for the quick ab series at the end. To be honest, it seemed more like a Boxing/Barre Burn fusion class. There were plies and leg lifts, lots of jumping and of course boxing. I actually really like boxing by itself and this made it a less serious bro-type workout. There of course was a crowd of gym goers staring into the class room. While you couldn’t “tell” Pilates was infused, the “belly button tucked in” position was protocol for most moves. I think the workout would benefit from light hand weights, because even with .5 lbs, I’m not sure I would feel it (but I can’t make the statement without trying it so I’m just speculating).

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Ali was a fabulous instructor (sorry for the blurry photo, darn iPhone). She did the entire workout pretty much with us and looked great the whole time. You can always tell what instructors have a dance background in a class like this. She has infectious energy that makes you want to jump just a little bit higher and jab faster in the case of this class. I have similar feelings to this class as I did with Zumba, it was much more challenging that I thought. It was a good cardio workout on the surface. Like Zumba, I think the more you do it, the more calories you burn and are able to get a good strength workout from it. From just the first class, I wasn’t able to feel any burn in my lower body but was challenged by a few of the front leg lifts. We just did one set, and I’m used to 3 in bar.

Overall, if you like Zumba try Piloxing. If you wish Barre Burn had a little more cardio, try Piloxing. If you love Pilates and hate cardio machines but need some cardio in between classes, try Piloxing.

Ali put on the event with Lululemon to increase awareness and perhaps get Piloxing on the schedule at Equinox. She’s a lulu ambassador and after just one class I can see clearly why. She rocks as a motivating and energetic instructor. If you go to Equinox, let them know you want the class added next year!

Have you tried Piloxing before? What did you think?

Piloxing, The Sleek Sexy Powerful Fitness Class

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  • Jessica

    Hi Sarah… I’m looking for a group workout that will keep me motivated and provide an intense workout. Have you tried SPX Pilates? If you have, what do you think of the work out?

  • Stephanie

    I was just talking to someone about Piloxing! Our BodyCombat instructor has taught the course before. I am a bit bewildered by the concept and I’d like to try it, but I think I would prefer a separate pilates and boxing class.

  • Eileen

    Hey Sarah, I’ve tried Piloxing with gloves provided by the gym I took it at. I found it sort of scattered and lacking cohesiveness. Except for the mat work at the end, I didn’t find it challenging at all. I’ve tried Zumba lots of times and I never find it challenging, even though the instructor, who is great and very fit, is always super sweaty. She’s probably doing lots of micro movements that take time to master. The thing I can’t stand about Zumba is all the time between songs. I don’t see why you should take a break every 5 minutes. I feel like most of the people who take Zumba like it because it isn’t that tough. I teach Turbokick, and I always burn at least 400 calories, sometimes 500. If you like girly boxing, Turbokick is the way to go for sure.

    • Sarah

      Yeah, I think the classes are fun, but simply not enough for me to do as a workout. I would love to take TurboKick but they don’t offer it anywhere around here! 🙁

      • Sariah

        It’s too bad you feel you don’t get enough as a workout out of Zumba; like previously said, the more you do it the more calories you burn. Some people have burned up to 1000 calories in a class. It depends how much effort you give to the movements; and of course, it depends on the instructor’s choices for music, and use of modifications. Every instructor is different; just like personalities. I haven’t been to any Zumba class that takes a break every 5 min unless, you are talking about Zumba Gold ( for Seniors and beginners). I would try different instructors; you try different ones to see which one appeals to you . I guess when it comes to getting results, it depends on what motivates you the most.

      • Monica

        Haha yea, the description is:

        Great Bar class infused with 4 cycles of Tabata drills for maximum results muscularly and cardiovascular.

        My gym is always trying new classes, combining different things- it’s one of the most intense classes I’ve taken!

  • Sara P. (http://fitcupcaker.blogspot.com

    Ive never tried this but it looks awesome. Ill have to see if they have any classes like this in Cincy! Sarah I just wanted to tell you that Carrotsncake and sarahfit are an inspiration to me. Bc of this I started my own blog yesterday! Please check it out and encourage your readers too. I do the same for you! Its only a day new so please feel free to give any suggestions, comments, concerns, I am very open! Its still in the making! THANKS

  • Kimberly @ Healthy Strides

    I’ve taken Piloxing a few times, and I thought it was a lot of fun. I never used the weights but could still feel it in my shoulders and back the next day. Of course, this might not be the case any more since I became a BODYPUMP instructor and increased my fitness. Anyway, I was lucky enough to have a great instructor who made it a lot of fun and offered lots of ways to make the workout more intense. I’ve also taken some cardio kickboxing classes through the Y, and those can be a great burn as well. I like them just to supplement my running and BP, and I often use them as an excuse to hook up with my friends.

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