This morning, I got up and had a list of errands to complete before my 5K. First up, City Hall Plaza for a moving permit. I decided to walk the mile since I’d be only running about 23 minutes later in the afternoon. I stopped by Whole Foods to pick up a few items to complement what I’m trying to get rid of in fridge. On sale I spotted grilled vegetable gazpacho, and grabbed some fruit, a greek yogurt and couple cans of tuna. 2012 07 26 12 12 50

When I got home, I ate my fruit and yogurt and got work. Around 1 PM I got an email from the 5K race coordinator saying they decided to postpone the race due to the predicted weather. I was super bummed! I decided to go for a run before the rain arrived. I filmed a video on Tuesday featuring a new cardio workout but had yet to do it myself. I set up my intervals using RunKeeper to 10-sec fast, 20-sec steady, 30-sec slow for a total of 5 rounds followed by 2 minute walk/rest. I put it on repeat for a total of 5 times.

2012 07 26 15 11 14

Holy hell this workout was hard! I almost felt like I had to throw up a few times to be honest. It was intense and I can see why it’s the type of workout that is designed to improve your 5K time. Stay tuned for the video. I ran 4.2 miles in 38 minutes, but 8 of those minutes were walking… Yeah, it was a challenge.
2012 07 26 15 08 17

When I got back, I was excited for lunch. I made tuna salad with hummus and mustard and preheated my skillet. I put 1 Laughing Cow Cheese Wedge Light Swiss on one side and topped with the tuna and a couple of slices of tomato. Folded it in half like a quesadilla on the skillet and poured a cup of gazpacho.

2012 07 26 15 52 56

The grilled vegetable gazpacho was ridiculously good. It was sweet and spicy, just the way I like it.

2012 07 26 15 52 37

The darn tomatoes were so juicy they kind of ruined the crispy tortilla. I was bummed but it still tasted really good. As you might be able to tell with my efforts in trying to use up the perishables in my fridge, I have tortillas and Laughing Cow Cheese. That’s about it. As a community leader, I always have a stockpile on hand for recipes so I’m letting it dictate what I eat the next few days. I picked up a few veggies on Tuesday at the Copley Farmer’s Market.
2012 07 26 15 52 26

Gazpacho is definitely one of the healthiest foods I’ve recently discovered I really enjoy. Same with kale chips, and not the kind you make at home, the kind that cost $8 at Whole Foods. Added to this list are oysters and muscles, as well as ginger chews. What new foods have you recently discovered you can’t get enough of?

By the way, it’s almost 6 PM and it’s still sunny out… I don’t hope for storms but it’s frustrating when the weather people make such a big deal over nothing, and your plans get ruined…

One of the most intense cardio workouts I’ve done in a long time!

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  • Sierra

    Hey Sarah!

    I am in the diet bet with you & I have made several positive healthy lifestyle changes as a result, so Thank You for doing what you do!! 😀

    I have recently discovered the beauty and deliciousness in my morning fruit/green drink. Sometimes I make it with greens, sometimes I do not. Either way, it is delicious, eliminates my sweets craving, and SO GOOD FOR THE BODY! I am constantly searching for new recipes with no dairy involved.

    Dairy tends to upset my stomach & I’ve read from many sources that casein & lactose are hard for the body to break down because they require special enzymes and pH to digest properly and when mixed with fruit (breaks down quickly and requires a special enzyme & pH) -- I end up bloated and well, it just doesn’t work well for me. I have other reasons why I try to avoid dairy such as agricultural & production practices, but that’s a whole nother story 🙂

    • Sarah

      Thank you Sierra! I go in and out of love with Dairy too. I wish I didn’t love it as much because I do notice my skin breaks out when I eat too much of it. ie my pinkberry obsession weeks. Also, your etsy site is adorable!!! I wish I had a neice to buy a headband for but sadly only boys thus far 🙁 jk I love my nephews obviously

  • Lexi

    Since you use your ipod and not a watch for running…do you just hold it in your hand! When ur working out what do you do with your ipod?

    And when is this video coming? thanks

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