Rooftop Cardio Core Fusion & BBQ Quesadilla

I was lucky to be invited to a rooftop fitness class Wednesday night at 45 Province Street, a luxury condo building with spa amenities for its building occupants. A two-bedroom, two-bathroom goes for $1.2 million so you can imagine the benefits which include parking, a pool, a gym, movie theater room, available conference rooms for luncheons and private spa services for residents only. The building offers fitness classes by Exhale on occasion and this week was Cardio Core Fusion. The view from the top was breathtaking!

2012 07 25 18 32 34I’ve taken Core Fusion via DVD before but never in person. Since I’ve been doing The Bar Method, I knew what I could expect but wasn’t sure what I was going to be doing. 2012 07 25 20 16 04I posed above before class began and rewarded myself with a glass of wine at the end. In between, we were given an intermediate workout that seemed disheveled. Exercises were only done for 1 set, so you always had to be looking at the instructor for cues which was difficult in the positions of our mats. There was little repetition except for the absurd amount of mountain climbers we did in between each “strength” interval. That was the only cardio move really we did the entire hour! Seriously?! We must have pumped out at least 15 sets of 16-40 reps. Is this how Core Fusion usually works? I reviewed the Core Fusion DVD awhile back and had to take a look to remember:

I thought there was too much shoulder work going on to be honest and rather repetitive.  The only type of cardio came from a squat thrust that was featured in 2 different segments. [Core Fusion Bootcamp review]

So, yes I guess it does… My shoulders and hip flexors wanted variety. By the end, I was that girl doing my own thing and ignoring the instructor with hover jacks and knee to elbow crunches. The abs at the end were identical to my beloved Bar Method and challenging (but still only 1/3 of the intensity from Bar).

2012 07 25 20 01 17

Will I try Core Fusion again? Probably. I will probably skip the cardio and bootcamp classes though. When I take a group exercise class, having my own fitness certification, I quickly will write off any instructor that incorrectly does a standard fitness move. In this case, the instructor asked us to do tricep extensions and brought the weights all the way back to her arm pits using 2 lb dumbbells… Maybe this is part of their method, but I’m pretty sure you stop once your elbow is at a 90-degree angle to keep tension on the muscle during the entire set. 2012 07 25 19 45 36

Blogger buddies Bridget (yellow), Kristen (black) and Alli (blue) were also in attendance. The class ended at 7:30 PM and by the time I got home, it was already 8:30. I saved 1/2 of my lunch to use for dinner since I’m trying to empty out my fridge. I used the left over BBQ chicken from the Red Bones food truck on a 70-calorie Joseph’s Tortilla with 1 Laughing Cow Wedge in Light Creamy Swiss. I folded it over and cooked up on my skillet.2012 07 25 22 15 20The cheese was creamy and the chicken sweet. The tortilla crisped up nicely and made perfect for eating with my hands. Look how crispy the tortilla gets with just a spray of EVOO!

2012 07 25 20 52 07

At lunch I also ordered a side of grilled veggies. I made a salad for lunch with the veggies and chicken but for dinner I just put the veggies on greens and included a drizzle of balsamic glaze. I love food trucks but I hate that I usually have no idea what the food is made with and rarely do the dishes sound remotely healthy. I think I found my solution to this by bringing my lettuce in Tupperware to the office and topping with some healthier truck items.

Question: Have you taken a group exercise class that you weren’t thrilled about? Did you share your experience or keep it to yourself?


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