My Secret Coffee Shop Trick to Save $$ and Calories

I love coffee but I have such a love hate relationship with most shops. At home, I make my coffee with almond milk and stevia. For some reason, cafes only seem to carry artificial sugar, regular sugar, soy milk and regular milk varieties. What’s up with the stevia and dairy-free, soy-free milk alternative hate?

Whole Foods is my favorite place to grab coffee because they have Truvia and Almond milk (only the sweetened kind though, which always is a bummer). I’ve decided to matters into my own hands and have created my own routine. It not only saves me money but also calories.

This morning I got up early and went to The Bar Method. This week, I went Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday.

2012 07 27 09 18 55I skipped Thursday because of my race! Instead, I did the hardest cardio workout that I’ve put myself through in probably close to a year.

Despite my oatmeal kick for the past two days, I wanted to use up my bananas for the week and had another protein pancake. I dumped too much cinnamon in the mix and thought I would regret it, but it actually tasted better!
2012 07 27 09 43 59

This weekend looks lousy in Boston and the Cape so it looks like a weekend of packing is just what the weather gods ordered. I love purging my junk when it comes to moving, but I’m terrible when it comes to letting things go.

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