Pregnancy Update: Week 31

The countdown is officially in the single digits. Nine weeks to go. This bump seriously came out of no where. I felt great at 28 weeks and then it was like, BAM, 30 weeks hit and it’s just so noticeable. I’m in this, “Oh shit, how big can I get” phase now.

Baby Update

Baby is now the size of a pineapple or head of romaine lettuce. He is 15.2-16.7 inches long and between 3 and 4 lbs according to The Bump app.  He was measuring big at 28 weeks so he might be heavier. All five of his senses are in working order and he is constantly moving.

Weight Gained

At 29 weeks I had gained 19 lbs and now the total is 22 lbs. I’m still in the healthy range for gaining 25-35 lbs but I think it is safe to say, I will not be in the lower tier. Three lbs in 2 weeks? What happened? Halloween. I’ve always felt guilty about eating Halloween candy and this year I just said, “F*@K it.” I enjoyed as much as I wanted and didn’t regret one Snickers.  I’m proud of these 3 lbs. I also stopped running long distances but I doubt that had much of an impact as I just switched my cardio to indoor spin.

The Bump 31 weeks Fall


As I mentioned on Sunday, I stopped running because I no longer found it enjoyable. Having to pee the entire time no matter how many bathroom stops I would make and having achey hips all day wasn’t worth it. Also, once he arrives, am I really going to be able to go to a 5pm spin class? Getting in my me time while I still can.

  • Monday: 45 min Pilates at BTone with Kristen
  • Tuesday: 45 min Spin at Recycle Studio w/ Morgan + Taught at Barry’s Bootcamp + Taught at Burn Fitness Studio
  • Wednesday: 1 hour Vinyasa Yoga at Back Bay Yoga with Erica
  • Thursday: 45 min Spin at Recycle Studio w/ Erin
  • Friday: Pilates at BTone w/ Claudia -> Signed up but obvi haven’t gone yet

This week was the first time I took a regular yoga class at Back Bay Yoga. I was worried about taking a million modifications but Erica was great giving me suggestions before class. It was a warm room and had me sweating more than usual. Same thing happened to me at Pilates on Monday. Prenatal at BBY

I saw this posted in the studio and am hoping to make it! Caitlin had a baby recently and is just coming back from her maternity leave.


  • I was having trouble sleeping during week 30 but I bought a Snoogle last weekend and have been sleeping like a baby ever since. It took me less than 10 minutes to fall asleep last night, I only woke up once to pee and even got up 5 minutes before my alarm went off. I do have a little sciatic nerve pain in my sleep.
  • My lower back is starting to ache as my belly grows bigger. Baby is crowding my lungs and causes me to feel out of breath sometimes just standing up. It’s also not comfortable to sit straight up. I need a serious recline position. Otherwise baby is all up there.
  • My eye sight is also not really great. I’ve noticed it is more blurry than usual. Could be my contacts but I just had them checked not too long ago.
  • Same bladder issues – gotta go every time I stand up or walk.
  • Belly button has also sorta popped – when I’m full at least.

Weird pregnancy stuff…

It is really quite odd when you can finally feel parts of the baby and feel/see it move. It is creepy to think that a human is growing underneath your skin. He is so squirmy under there. I started calling him my little squirrel. I do love being able to feel him. It never gets old.

Being and looking pregnant has proven to be weird to me as well. How so, you ask? In the first trimester you feel like shit and want to tell people why you’re perpetually hungover on a weekday but you can’t really. The second trimester you feel better but still don’t look pregnant. It just looks like you are packing on some extra lbs or in a gym setting, being lazy. You want to always wear a TShirt that says, “I’m pregnant, lay off me!”

Then the third trimester comes, and people are like, “You’re so cute!” or shout “Congratulations” on the street. I had a female Uber driver stop me from her window and go, “How gorgeous are you?” At first I’m like, why are people being so nice to me, I look like shit? And then I realize, “Ohhh, you can tell I’m pregnant finally! Thank you! Thank you very much.” You spend the first 7 months hoping people can tell and then once they can, it’s hard to get used to the world knowing this secret you’ve kept without actually telling them.

Maybe, women should always treat each other as if we are all pregnant.

Questions From You Guys…

Katie on my Facebook page asked a great question:

“How do you and Nick deal with the “YouTube Doctors”?

In my own Facebook rant, I talked about all the nasty, ill informed and opinionated comments people leave on my videos that are less than accurate or positive. yotube pregnancy comments hatersNick’s response to me when I complain is that, “You don’t have to put your life up on YouTube.” YouTube comments Pregnancy haters

He’s right. I don’t and since it’s a choice I make every day, I’ve learned to grow a thick skin. Yes they bother me but I let them go quickly too. I just delete the really stupid ones or respond with sarcasm like this.

“Do you have *Those* days and how do you get past them?” in regards to being tired.

YES! Of course. I take off two days a week and the other days I’m exercising, I’m not doing anything longer than 45 minutes to an hour. I also sign up for group exercise classes. A great playlist and energy from the instructor really helps. I rest when I need to but that $15 late cancel usually gets me to class.

“What’s you plan for when the babe comes?”

I am planning to get back in shape with my SFit Digital Gym. Since I had to shoot the videos, I only created routines that I wanted to do that feature my favorite moves. They are all short like 10-16 minutes long so I’m hoping to fit in one or two a day during his naps in the living room. Most are bodyweight but a few require equipment like dumbbells which I have. In January, we will have a full workout calendar for people to follow every day.

I was also in the amazing shape at the end of shooting the third month. Right when I got pregnant despite the diet of a marathon runner.

SFIT Shoot


Leave a question for next week’s update!


Pregnancy Update: Week 31

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  • allen

    blurry eyesight possible result of halloween candy, extra serving of an apple cider vinegar drink and you’ll be good to go.

  • Nicole

    I’m so impressed with your workouts! I am 8 weeks pregnant and I can’t motivate myself to even lift a weight these days. Thanks for the blog updates!

  • Casey

    Sarah, I’m at 14 weeks and love following your honest feedback on a public platform! Your lil fit man will be so blessed to have you as an Active momma! He’ll be running right with you in no time:)

  • Ginnie

    Love these updates! I find them really encouraging and realistic! Thanks for being honest about the ups and downs of pregnancy! I have a 10 week old baby and am slowly working on getting back into shape again. I’m looking forward to hearing how your post partum journey goes and will glean from your experience!!

  • C

    28w today (yay, finally OFFICIAL 3rd trimester) and started feeling that lower back pain this week (especially as an elementary school teacher on my feet all day). I’m seeing a chiropractor on Monday and am nervous about it but he claims a recent pregnant patient felt better in 2 sessions and hasn’t had to come back yet….

  • Sherri D @ fun fit flavor

    Great update! I’m not even pregnant and I really enjoy reading your posts and looking forward to what the future may bring. I also want to say… “you go girl!” in the way you handle those awful, awful internet trolls. As pitifully dumb as they are, it’s still hard to read. Thank you for sharing an honest perspective -- it’s obvious that you are happy and healthy and already taking great care of LittleFit! 🙂

  • Sarah C.

    Love the update! I think a lot of the critics didn’t take into account the fact that you were incredibly fit at the beginning of your pregnancy. Of course someone who is a couch potato couldn’t run a half marathon at the beginning of her third trimester, but for you, it is fine!

  • MN

    I was referred to your blog by my SIL. I’m almost 15 weeks pregnant and it’s nice to get an idea of what lays ahead! I noticed you asked a question in an earlier post about whether this should be more of a mommy blog or continue as a fitness blog. It seems like you have done a great job incorporating the two but I would love to keep getting pregnancy updates and read about your experience into becoming a new mom. Workout tips and food suggestions are great but I hope you share your experience on your day to day with feedings, sleeping and everything else that goes into becoming a mama.

  • Tori

    Hi Sarah!
    I’m new to your blog but wanted to say hi! I’m looking to go into ObGyn so I love hearing pregnancy updates. Congrats! And I hate the YouTube haters- some of the worst people on the internet!! i’ll keep checking back for your updates!

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