Pregnancy Workout Modifications Second Trimester

No two pregnancies are the same. While I’m sharing my journey as a first time mom, I know my energy may not be the same the second time around. Same goes for you. I knew I wanted to stay active during these  9 10 months but didn’t know what the expect. Here is a quick vlog update on my prenatal fitness routine during my second trimester.

When I signed up for the Nike Women’s Half during my first trimester, I was honestly half expecting not being able to finish. My plan however was to blog about my experience, successful or not. To be honest, I felt fine running up until my 7th month of pregnancy. It felt different but I could still run 10 miles at 24 weeks pregnant.

I wanted to do more yoga but I was nervous to go to classes and ask for modifications before I officially announced I was pregnant – which didn’t happen until week 20. I bought this Prenatal Vinyasa DVD from Amazon that I love to do at home. It is not for beginners though. It is a challenging flow but I love how many different options it gives depending on how much time you want to practice.

Prenatal Yoga

Nick thinks the music is a bit much but he also doesn’t know how hard it is to get good music for workout videos. It’s very soothing and calming in my opinion. I’ve tried by now almost all of the workouts and love each one. They are similar but I really like them and work perfect for my schedule.

I also show Sara Haley’s DVD Expecting More in the video. Sara sent these to me as we have many mutual industry friends and met years back in Boston. I’ve only tried one of the workouts to date but loved it. I work from home and love taking classes. When my little man arrives, most of my workouts will be at home so I like getting out of the house as much as possible to take group exercise classes. Sara’s DVDs have great Amazon reviews however so if you are looking for a safe and effective workout to do at home, check them out.

Things I Avoided in 2nd Trimester:

  • Letting my heart rate go above 170 bpm. I try to keep it below 160 but if it gets to 165 during a “sprint” I’m ok with that.
  • Twisting and lots of crunches on my back.
  • Lying on back for longer than 1 minute.

What was your favorite prenatal workout?

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