The Perfect Skinny Margarita

A skinny margarita recipe on a pregnant fitness ladies blog?! What kind of sick torture is this? The margarita is my favorite cocktail. I know it’s loaded with calories but honestly, it’s one of the few things I miss being pregnant.

Boastful margarita fact: I edited the original Bethenny Frankel Skinnygirl Margarita recipe on YouTube! It’s been deleted since from YouTube but there are still plenty live that I shot and edited with the RHNYC cast member. She also shared with my college roommate Caitlin and I her skinny margarita ordering tip at STK in this YouTube video – which is hilarious and from June 2007. Warning: I have dark hair!

Bethenny Skinny Margarita

This quick “Cheers” moment was also in her True Hollywood Story. I worked with Bethenny for almost 2 years. We only stopped once she was cast on Bravo and I didn’t really have time to edit her videos anymore. A couple years back another college friend of mine saw B at a bar in Miami and told her she was one of my good friends. Bethenny had no idea who I was… It was nice knowing her???

Bottom line: Tequila is one of my favorite beverages. It doesn’t give me hangovers, is low calorie and doesn’t spike your blood sugar leading to the “drunk munchies.” To make a skinny margarita, you don’t need to buy a bottle of premade overly sweet stuff.

Here is the recipe featured in my video from Puerto Vallarta.

fit margarita

“Fit” Low Cal Margarita

1 shot of fresh squeezed lime juice
1 shot of clear tequila
1 shot of orange liquor like Cointreau
splash of OJ
Watch the video above to learn how to make the cute Coco Loco guy!
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