What I Eat In A Day| FASTer Way To Fat Loss WIEIAD

While I’m working on my review, I wanted to share a video we shot during week 2 of the FASTer Way To Fat Loss program.

Unlike many other diet programs I have tried, this one does not tell you what to eat but rather gives you macronutrients guidelines. They have a few daily suggestions of what your diet might look like but the program wants you to find recipes you like and will make so that it becomes a lifestyle change! Once the program finished, I wanted to continue doing it. This is the first time that has ever happened with me and a diet program. I think this is also because I didn’t ban any foods and was pretty flexible.

This video follows a regular macro day which consists of 50% carbs, 30% fat and 20% protein. My goal was just under 2000 calories a day since I am nursing. Two days a week are low carb, three days are regular macro and two are low macro. Since I’m nursing, I did not do the low macro days. I followed a mostly gluten and dairy free diet but of course made exceptions along the way because life and birthday cake.

We filmed this video during week 2 of the Faster Way To Fat Loss program. I lost 5 lbs during 6 weeks and loved the program so much that I am going to become a coach. I am currently studying and would love for you to join me starting April 1st. Sign up to be on my wait list for information on when the round is going to start and how to sign up. http://bit.ly/SarahFitxFASTer

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The video ends kind of abrupt because life and I forgot to film the very end of the day. I had a giant bowl of the soup mentioned, which was a Crock Pot Sweet Potato Chili, here is the recipe.

The recipe is bean-less so it’s Whole30 and Paleo approved. I eat beans but I found it to be a good recipe to eat for the program and have on hand for the week! I like easy recipes and this one was for sure.

What I Eat In A Day| FASTer Way To Fat Loss WIEIAD

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  • Katherine

    Hi Sarah!
    How old was Connor when you starting FWTFL? I’m considering it post partum but not sure when I should start. Also-- in the beginning were you super hungry in the morning? I’m up around 5 am each day and the thought of not eating for 7 hours sounds impossible!

    • Sarah

      I started at 6 months. Personally, I wouldn’t recommend doing it sooner than that but you CAN. For nursing moms, you don’t have to do a 16:8 split. You can do a 12:12 and work your way up to a 15:9 and see how you feel. You can also adjust your window. If you’re up at 5 am, maybe eat at like 9 or 10 and be done by 6 pm?

  • Angie

    Wow such a great program and meal balance to lose weight. As a mom of two, this is what I’m using and it is really effective for me.

  • Samantha

    I don’t understand how to find the macros in MFP like it says to do. How do I find my regular macros? Then how do I change it to low macro and low fat numbers? I’m just confused. Thanks!

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