One of my favorite beverages is probably the margarita which can only be made better when given a mango touch of flair. While in Mexico, I treated myself to quite a few.

Unlike my trip to Argentina which was filled with wine, beef and dulce de leche, my Mexican vacation was much more about the sun. I relaxed by the pool, read and was able to work out most days as I shared. I didn’t really think twice about what I put in my body and ate a lot of guacamole. Despite drinking more high calorie cocktails than I would like to admit, my body has responded with a sigh of relief. I did not gain any weight, in fact, I may have lost a few pounds. Some times we need to just recharge our batteries and relax. If you love margaritas like me, go and enjoy one or three for me tomorrow!

Relax and Enjoy Cinco de Mayo

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  • Jill @ Jill is Active

    I went to Mexico in February and enjoyed a few drinks myself 🙂 I kept up my workouts, like you did, and usually went for a run in the morning. The rest of the day I completely relaxed by the pool and enjoyed the sun. I think I lost a few lbs too and I think that you can just completely relax and not stress -- it does wonders for your body (and mind!)

  • Megan @ The I Do Diaries

    This post is exactly what I needed to see! I LOVE me a good margarita…on the rocks, plenty of salt on the rim, so I’ve secretly been stressing about how I’m going to handle tomorrow. I’m planning for a morning run then I’m just going to ENJOY myself tomorrow, indulge in moderation (does that sound contradictory?) and get back into the swing of clean eating the next day! Hope you have a great Cinco de Mayo 🙂

  • Samantha

    I promise I will enjoy at least 3 margaritas for you tomorrow! I’m making coconut margaritas! Yay!

  • sara

    yum, i love margaritas 🙂 This reminds me of my question that I had a about cheat meals… I usually try to give myself one per week, I said i try :)..but would you count drinking as your cheat? Or if you have snacks that are not usually in your diet, like a cookie 🙂 or something sweet like that, would u consider them your cheat and not get a whole cheat meal? Just trying to get some advice! Also an earlier post you showed us what kind of snacks you take on vacay with you, one thing was a balance bar… they have like 15 g sugar or something like that. Do you try to watch your sugar? I know this is a lot but also I read in muscle magazine that if you are trying to watch carbs that you should have no more than 1g per body weight. Any info would be helpful..I love your website and workouts by the way!

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