Relax and Enjoy Cinco de Mayo

One of my favorite beverages is probably the margarita which can only be made better when given a mango touch of flair. While in Mexico, I treated myself to quite a few.

Unlike my trip to Argentina which was filled with wine, beef and dulce de leche, my Mexican vacation was much more about the sun. I relaxed by the pool, read and was able to work out most days as I shared. I didn’t really think twice about what I put in my body and ate a lot of guacamole. Despite drinking more high calorie cocktails than I would like to admit, my body has responded with a sigh of relief. I did not gain any weight, in fact, I may have lost a few pounds. Some times we need to just recharge our batteries and relax. If you love margaritas like me, go and enjoy one or three for me tomorrow!

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