How much do you work out?

Do you consider yourself a gym rat? Do you think you spend too much or not enough time sweating each week? Turns out, the experts can’t even agree on how much we need so how should we determine our own goals.

Here is a sample of my weekly fitness schedule, keep in mind I am training for an 120-mile relay race (18 of which I will be running myself):

  • Monday: 3 mi morning “booty call” and 45 minute Barre Burn class at Equinox (mild strength training)
  • Tuesday: 4 mi easy run
  • Wednesday: Tempo or Interval Run for Reach The Beach, 1 mi warm up, 3-5 miles at 8 min/mile pace, cool down 1 mile
  • Thursday: 3 mi easy run
  • Friday: Barre Burn Class at Equinox or other Strength Training
  • Saturday: Long Run 6-10 miles easy
  • Sunday: REST!!!!!!!!!!!!!

When I’m not training for a running race, Wednesday is dedicated to Strength Training. I also came across a guide to water shoes, and decided last Wednesday to try them out while I was at the pool. I typically will take a class at my gym, do a JCORE DVD or one of my own workouts. try to get at least 2-3 days a week of strength or yoga based cross training. I don’t like to run on days back to back either. Since RTB requires me running 6.5 miles, resting for a few hours, 3 mile run, rest a few more hours, and 6.7 miles to finish, I figure it’s good for training. I’m looking forward to less running when the race is over!

According to NASM, one of the most respected training certifications for personal trainers, you should exercise moderately at least 30 minutes 5-7 days a week or at least 150 minutes a week. If you want to improve your fitness levels, you should up that time to 20-60 minutes a day for 3-5 days a week at about 60-90% of your maximum heart rate. Want to workout less? The harder you work, the less time you need to put in. This is why interval based workouts that focus of pushing your limits are amazing.

If you are obese or overweight, you’ll need to log 200-300 minutes a week of moderate exercise to lose and help keep off weight for the long term.

Bottom line: Get in 20-60 minutes 3-5 days a week if you have lost any weight and want to keep it off. However, do not rely on the time you spend in the gym to lose weight.

I use fitness to prevent gaining the weight I’ve lost in the past.

I love my food as you know and if I stopped working out, I would gain weight. As one trainer I used to work for said to me, “You’re eating too much.” However since I love working out, I can treat myself like I do and stay about the same size. If I trained less, I would need to cut back on my calories.

This is also why many people who don’t workout EVER can remain a healthy weight. Their calories in equal their calories burned in a day. I focus on fitness when I want to eat more (vacation), and focus on food when I want to weigh less (getting in shape for photoshoots).

How much do you workout? Do you consider yourself a gym rat or fitness enthusiast.

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