Sailing In Newport With Team SCA Was Out of My Comfort Zone

Last week, I got to go down to Newport, RI to hang out with Team SCA, the only all women’s team competing in the sailing race across the world, the Volvo Ocean Race Series. Along with Nicole of Pumps and Iron, we were put to the test to see if we had what it took to join these ladies out on the open ocean. I assure you I do not but we did do out best. 

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Our first challenge was a workout with the team trainer Santi. It was a circuit consisting of 7 moves and we were responsible for doing 4 rounds. Not bad right? Except that he asked us start with a 90 lb deadlift. If you do cross fit I can see you saying, oh that’s easy but it was hard for me! I did all 5 reps asked for the 4 rounds because I’m competitive and had to do what was asked. Here is a quick video of our routine I uploaded to Facebook. I have my “ugly game face” on during most of it. Nicole also shared the full workout on her blog here

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I wrote two posts about the inspiring women of team SCA and being able to meet them and see them in action was a really cool experience. We even got to compete in a Pro-Am race with the girls on Thursday afternoon, them being the pro’s and us being the amateurs.  

SCANEW15 RT2501 original

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Nicole and I had one job and that was to work this crank. Oh my gosh, it was difficult. At one point, I looked at Nicole and was like, “Can we tap out or do we have to keep doing this until they tell us to stop?” After we were done, we had to run to the side of the boat and hang our legs off the edge to help balance the boat until we had to return to our post. 
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The girls on the boat have to do this essentially 24/7 during the race. The girls allegedly burn up to 5000 calories a day! For some of the race legs, they are at sea for over 3 weeks. Once they reach a port, they have a two week “break” where they have to recharge, do maintenance on the boat and sails and entertain people like us 🙂 

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On the boat though they sleep in shifts of 4 hours and eat freeze dried foods. Here is what their sleeping quarters look like. Since the boats is on it’s side frequently, you must strap yourself into the flatbed so you don’t fall out.

IMG 0396

IMG 0397And this is the kitchen pantry… 

IMG 0395

 On the upside, you get to travel the world competing in a sport these ladies love and that is definitely something to smile about. 

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I won’t lie. I was slightly scared even in the Newport Harbor. I can’t imagine sailing through the Southern Ocean. Hearing some of the stories was terrifying. I have a new found appreciation for the sport of sailing and the women of Team SCA. The equipment is heavy and requires significant strength on board. I can see why our work out with Santi was as challenging as it was and why it’s such a big deal to have an all women’s team competing and keeping up with the rest of the 6 all male teams. 

Follow Team SCA on their final long stretch to Portugal online on Twitter @Team_SCA and celebrate amazing women everywhere at Team SCA Awemosaic

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