The Only Ab Exercise You Need For Summer

Every fitness magazine and trainer, tries to reinvent the wheel to keep things new and interesting. Well, I’ve got news for you… No matter how many variations you can come up with to do a squat or a lunge or a crunch, the original more often than not is the most effective! We just are trying to keep you from getting bored 😉

When it comes to your abs, there are hundreds of exercises that target different muscles in your core to achieve a flat stomach, six-pack abs, defined obliques, etc… but nothing beats this one move for doing it all.

The key to doing these moves properly is to do them with a mirror near by if you can. I did not have a mirror when we shot this and I wish I could have! You should not have your upper back rounded at all. To avoid this, remember to press your shoulder blades down away from your ears and pinch shoulder blades together to achieve the flat back.

You can do these moves in addition to your regular strength training routine or at home after you take a class. What is your go to move?

Outfit above provided by Crane and Lion, a super cute and comfy local Boston fitness apparel company.

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