Should You Give a Raw Vegan Diet a Chance

If I am ever diagnosed with cancer, I will become a vegan. Maybe I’ll ever become a raw vegan. What bothers me about my own statement is that if I feel so strongly about the benefits of a lifestyle, why wait until I find myself in a problem? As the speaker of the lunch I attended said today, “We have to be disturbed to change.”

Photo 4I was invited to attend a lunch at the Eastern Standard today to listen to Dr Brian Clement speak in regards to the benefits of a raw and vegan lifestyle that has been proven to medically benefit ailments as serious as cancer and diabetes to non life threatening problems like autism, ecsema and asthma. I’ve heard the vegan schpeal before and each time, I give it more more thought. We were served a variety of foods in accordance with the diet provided at Hippocrates Health Institute in Florida. A place where people with serious medical conditions go for an all natural approach to healing.

I loved the Sunnie Tempuraw Chips. The “tempuraw” tasted like the “cheese” on my favorite Rhythm Foods Cheesy Kale Chips. Sunnie makes kale chips as well but if you’re going to buy a bag of raw chips for 6.95 (that is actually the same price as whole foods for a bag) then why not try a red peppers, zucchini and red onion version. I also tried my first wheat grass shot! It was much sweeter than I thought.

Photo 5

Our lunch was a large bowl of salad greens and veggies. The protein we were informed was in the form of sprouts placed in the middle of the table. I was not aware of this but apparently Sunflower sprouts are a perfect protein. They are the greens on the left.

Photo 3

It was awkward to eat in front of a room of strangers. I felt like I was I had greens hanging out of my mouth no matter how I loaded my fork. We used a special dressing from the institute that ES tried to recreate. Photo 2There were also some raw food crackers on the table like flaxseed crackers. I tried these recently from Whole Foods and already knew I liked them. There were three kinds but I only liked the flax ones (as seen below on the right). The others were too hard for me to chew. It hurt my teeth to be honest.

Photo 1

Some notes that I took include the following statements:

  • According to Dr Kessler, former of FDA commissioner, there are opiates in the mass produced, processed foods we eat so that we become addicted to them.
  • The wire in our bras are causing breast cancer.
  • Synthetics and plastics are causing cancer, including the ones in the clothes we wear.
  • Children today will die 5 years earlier than their parents are predicted to live.

He shared stories about how the diet cured his life long struggle with eczema and asthma in 3 weeks. He also spoke about women seeking treatment for fertility in their late twenties, and patients going through menopause at age 45 when it 55 used to be the norm. Did you know the number one killed of children younger than age 5 is cancer?

I have not yet fact checked these statements. I’m sure there is research to refute and agree with all these statements. Like political speeches, I’ve learned to always do my own research when I hear some one speak. Similarly, if you believe I’ve made an inaccurate statement, I welcome the correction. We should be held accountable and we also owe it ourselves to do our own due diligence. I’ve heard enough discussions regarding the medicinal benefits of a vegan diet to believe it works when it comes to treating diseases. I haven’t heard enough reasons why grilled chicken, Greek yogurt, whey protein powder, or salmon are harmful to your health. I also enjoy nachos, s’mores, red velvet cupcakes, mussels, and other treats too much to say, “good bye” right now.

I’ll give Dr Clement credit for looking about 20 years younger than he actually is in person. He also could have just had botox and I would never have known it. Perhaps I will try to be a vegan for a full week and see how hard it actually is to maintain. Is it possible to me a maybe-vegan? Only do it when you can in the comfort of your home?

There was so much information shared at the lunch that I can’t go into it all on this blog. I will admit, I am tempted and that should be enough to spike your interest in researching a raw vegan diet. Have you gone vegan?

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