So I’ve begun the photoshoot prep for my book next week! Last Thursday, my friend Cate asked me and Rebecca to grab coffee after a spin class. She suggested the 6:30 am on Wednesday to which Rebecca agreed. I am not an early riser but knew I’d be able to do it with the added motivation of meeting friends. I probably would have not gotten up given the choice this morning if I wasn’t. I need to schedule buddy workouts more often, it’s the best incentive. It feel amazing to be done by 7:15 am and not have to worry about fitting in exercise the rest of the day. We discussed some early plans for an amazing event this summer you guys are going to freak out about, it’s so amazing. 

Next week, I have to shoot pictures for my book. Seriously, I’m shooting every day. Since this is a major deal for me, I want to look the best I can. Skinny Limits sent me a one-day juice cleanse to get started on my clean journey for the next few days. The cleanse gets rid of any bloat and enables me to stick with my healthy intentions.

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I’ve been making clean meals for the past days but couldn’t kick my sugar cravings so I’m resolving to my tried and true solution, juicing. I’ve learned that juicing is not for everyone (obviously), so if you are looking to detox and have a good diet of mostly veggies and fruits, a juice cleanse may be a good option. However, if you do not eat very wholesome foods, start by reducing the amount of processed foods you eat, toxic household products you use or products you put on your face. More on this in a later video.

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I made PaleOMG’s recipe for buffalo chicken meatloaf. It was so easy and delicious. Even roomie approved who typically avoids ground poultry. I paired it with roasted sweet potatoes and sautéed kale with avocado, raisins and pepitas. 

I also prepared fresh halibut with seasonings and sliced tomatoes. I made roomie’s with a little bit of olive oil mayonnaise, seasoning and whole wheat breadcrumbs. His was way better than mine. I made short grain brown rice with asparagus, cauliflower and onions all roasted in the oven. I just put the fish on top and added a drizzle of balsamic glaze. 
IMG 3817

Other recent obsessions include cashews. A bag from Trader Joe’s has allegedly 16 servings, but it’s gone in a week. I keep buying them to make Chocolate Covered Katie’s No Bake Oreo pie but always finish the bag before I’m ready to make it. What item can you not keep in your house if you buy it? 

That Shoot Next Week…

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  • Adriana L

    The one nut I can keep in my house that won’t disappear in a week is unsalted sunflower seeds. Almonds, cashews, peanuts -- gone before you know it.

  • Sarah K

    I also have a sweet tooth and was recently introduced to dates dipped in almond butter. It is crazy delicious and totally satisfies my sweet tooth!

  • Nike

    Any type of chocolate is not safe in my house. Great tip about removing processed foods from your diet if you’re serious about detoxing your body. Juice is good too but I find that too much sugar in some products sends me up and then down.

  • Krissy

    I CANT for the life of me buy Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter Dreams (Which i buy once a month from as when i do its gone in 3 days!! Oops!! Its ridiculous I know but it is absolutely deliciousssss!! The worse thing is that i dont even make anything with it, i just eat it with a spoon lol!! OMG! That is my biggest weakness! lol so i definitely get you about the cashews!! XX

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