What are your summer essentials? I go to the beach basically every weekend in the summer because in New England, we only have 8 weeks out of the year to go! This year, I finally found a couple bathing suits that are extremely flattering, non-greasy sunscreen that isn’t toxic, must-have sunglasses, the best beach bag and a few more things that I’ve declared essential for my summer. Check out the video below.

Products included in the video above:

Did you discover a favorite new product this summer you can’t believe you previously lived without? In addition to the favorite summer essentials above, I’ve discovered a few new products at the grocery store including the new spreadable Laughing Cow Wedge Light White Cheddar.Light White Cheddar The Laughing Cow

The release of the new flavor was timed nicely just before Fall when I crave grilled cheeses on crisp and cool weekends.

I’ve also switched to organic almond milk that I buy at Whole Foods, it’s the generic brand because it does not use carageenan, a potentially cancer causing ingredient that is used in many nut milks as a thickening agent.

image via DailyGarnish.com

Lastly, I haven’t shared many baking recipes because it’s been so hot inside my apartment. We have air conditioning in the bedroom only so the kitchen has been a balmy 84-90F. Finally last week, I decided to try out a new recipe since my coconut oil was already in liquid form.

Granola Bars

I followed this recipe but omitted the almond meal, added 2 tbsp of coconut oil and 1/4 cup of almond milk. They might be my favorite new granola bar. I also used muesli fusion instead of regular oats which already had chia and flax seeds mixed in.

I’ve been drinking smoothies for breakfast to stay cool and hydrated. Vega One Nutritional Shake is legit addicting.

What have you been enjoying this summer?

Editor note that you already know but the FTC makes me include here: I am an official brand advocate for Bel Brands in 2013. While I receive compensation for participation as a brand advocate, opinions are my own.

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