4 Fit Tips You’ve Never Heard Of

Think you’ve heard it all before? Here are 4 fit tips from Self Magazine editor, Marissa Stephenson, that I bet you’ve never heard before, plus one oldie but goodie that I too stand by and practice every single day.

Marissa was attending the SMART in the bag event I was in San Francisco to blog about. The Tone It Up girls work with Self Magazine on a regular basis as the trainers for their Drop 10 Challenge and told me how great Marissa is. I immediately introduced myself when I saw her at the event.

The Tone It Up diet plan created by Katrina and Karena, if you are not familiar with it, is a great tool to help you stay accountable and feel like you are part of a community that is striving live a healthier lifestyle together. You can read about my recent review of their new and revamped plan here.

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