The Best Avocado Toast Recipe w/ Lexi’s Clean Kitchen

Avocados are in high demand and some might even say a shortage is coming! Maybe that’s because their heart healthy fats taste so good on everything and everyone is obsessed. Lately it seems like everyone has a version of avocado toast on their menu. I usually order it, because I am admittedly basic.

I have tried a lot of avo-toasts and am super picky as a result.

I recently shot a series of cooking videos with Lexi’s Clean Kitchen and this recipe is my favorite. If you live in Boston and love the avocado toast at Pressed like me, it reminds me of that one but better.

avocado toast

I think it’s the addition of cumin that makes this recipe pop and is a bit different. In the video, we show how to make it on sweet potato buns which really are just roasted sweet potato rounds. The recipe makes a lot however and you probably won’t want to keep it for very long so I would recommend almost making this as a Holiday party appetizer or Sunday Funday snack while watching football.

This recipe is naturally vegan, gluten free and Paleo.

Get more recipes from Lexi by visiting her blog or picking up a copy of her book!

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