This weekend, I had the pleasure of attending BosFit at The Club by George Foreman III. BosFit is an event put on by BostInno (led by the fabulous Caroline) featuring some of Boston’s best class offering all under one roof. There were over 250 attendees who visited The Club to experience 10-30 minute sessions from Boxing, barre, bootcamp, TRX, spinning and yoga. 

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It was my first time in The Club and to say I was impressed is an understatement. George Foreman III did a great job! With a floor featuring two boxing rings, the edges feature smaller spaces for group exercise classes and traditional gym equipment like treadmills. The classes were held in every inch of the space and it worked!

I was there on behalf of Essentia to talk to attendees about my favorite water. It seemed like half the attendees were hungover so as soon as they heard it helped cure one thanks to electrolytes, they all ran over! It also helped we were next door to Sweetgreen and their delicious salad samples.

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Some of the class offerings included a TRX/bootcamp led by Caroline who trains at Turnstyle Cycle. 

IMG 8310

Fellow Barry’s Bootcamp instructor Meg Scannel taught a Core Fusion class in the middle of the boxing ring!

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One of the Instructors from The Club taught a class called Bags and Beats which featured a boxing workout to the beat of the music. I heard great feedback from the attendees but wasn’t able to take a class myself for a proper review. It looked fun and different. I definitely want to try it!

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Barry’s Bootcamp was also there giving the girls (and few guys) an ass kicking. 

IMG 8316

Afterwards, I headed up to the juice and smoothie bar for a green juice that was delicious. 

IMG 8315

The BosFit event was a huge success from my perspective. It got a bunch of fit Boston people together under the same roof and exposed to them to new studios and instructors. I also am now excited to go back to The Club for a workout myself. You can join it like a gym membership with access to every class offered which includes up to 27 a day or you can join with club access and discounted class at $15 a pop or you can just pay to take classes like other boutique studios. The ladies locker room also had a sauna, steam room and more natural light than any gym bathroom I’ve ever been in! 

Did I mention the event only cost attendees $25?

Speaking of Barry’s Bootcamp – I’m giving away 5 FREE passes to take my Friday October 3rd 9 am Total Body class! To win a free pass, leave a comment below letting me know you “WANT TO WORKOUT” with me on Friday. I will select winner tomorrow afternoon. This is for October 3rd ONLY. 

The Club by George Foreman III and BosFit

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