The Easiest Way To Measure Your Body Fat

I’ve always been a proponent of measuring body fat instead of weight when it comes to tracking progress. Right now, I track my weight to make sure I’m gaining a healthy amount for the baby but once this guy comes out it’s going to be a whole different ball game.

I’ve enjoyed being pregnant more that most people I think because it’s the first time since I can remember that I don’t compare myself to other fitness influencers. But I know that come January, I’m going to be excited to get back my flat abs. Many of you will be starting your New Year’s resolutions as well.

I know it’s 7 weeks away, but I’m challenging all of you to join me in getting back into the best shape of our lives in 2016. To help you stay motivated, you should really think about tracking your body fat and muscle quality instead of just weight.

How do I track my body fat? Specifically, by myself, at my convenience and reasonably priced?

Before, you guys would ask me “Where can I get this done?” You can work with a personal trainer to do it with calipers which have a high degree of inaccuracy depending on your fitness professional. You can do a dunk tank/bath tub, which is pricey and not widely accessible. You can also step on one of those high tech scales that cost lots of money – not the ones at home because those are not accurate!

The easiest way though is probably using an accurate home solution like Skulpt fitness trackers which measure body fat and muscle quality in just minutes. It differentiates high (lean) muscle quality versus low (fattier) muscle quality, so you can measure fat loss (not just weight loss) as well as gains in muscle mass. It also measures 24 different muscle groups so you can fine tune your workouts.

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Skupt just announced the launch of its next generation product, the Chisel, which is available today on IndieGoGo for $99. It’s a leaner, lighter, more affordable tracker for measuring body fat percentage and muscle quality with gold-standard accuracy.  Results sync automatically to your smart phone too!


Out of curiosity, I tried it out on my baby body and got an MQ (Muscle Quality) rating of 119. Apparently 100 is “average” and the higher you are means the leaner, stronger and more fit you are. A rating of 120+ is considered Fit so I guess I succeed at my name with baby and all… for now at least. I’m going to bring it to Barry’s Bootcamp tomorrow to try out on some of my instructor friends.

Chisel SKupty Review

I found it to be relatively accurate in my non scientific pregnant body experiment. It is hard for me to tell because my body is going through a lot of changes. My body fat has between 15-18% over the past 8 years. I’ve gained 22 lbs since April and it now estimates my body fat around 23% – it again, is not meant to be used on pregnant women but I couldn’t resist. It was fun to use on my abs and arms. My arm measurements felt really accurate with a body fat of 18%. My abs were registering 15% body fat… lol and my booty registered a number that was higher than anything I’ve said yet! I like that you can measure specific body parts and then at the end it gives you an overall idea of total body fat percentage too.

If you are one of the first 250 backers on IndieGoGo, your Chisel is only $89. After that, it’s still only $99. Order yours today.

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