The SFit January Challenge! Say YES to FIT in ’16

If I’ve learned anything since becoming pregnant, it’s that fitness is not about weight loss, it’s not about burning 1000 calories, and it’s NOT about bikini bodies. I created my 2016 January challenge to encourage you to move your body most days of the week, getting out of your comfort zone to see changes and feel more confident in as little as 10 minute a day.

From better sleep, to less anxiety, more energy, glowing complexion and stamina climbing those 3 flights of stairs to your salon, exercise shouldn’t be something you feel like you have to do but something you WANT to do. I swear fitness during my pregnancy kept my energy levels up and my body feeling great up until my due date (which is this Wednesday). I took an hour long spin class at Recycle Studio on New Year’s Eve!

In 2016, change your outlook on your daily sweat motivation. This calendar makes it easy to indulge and enjoy your social life without spending hours in the gym. Join me in the SFit Gym to get Fit in ’16.

I’m sharing the workout calendar with all of my readers and not just SFit Gym members to give you guys something to follow. I’d love for you to join but if you see an SFit workout, do a cardio/strength combined class like a Bootcamp. On Body Boost days, stick with mostly strength like Barre or Pilates. For TGIS days, go with a short HIIT workout that kicks your butt in 10 minutes. I have a bunch of free ones on my YouTube channel and blog.

I do hope you join the SFit gym for follow along workouts you can do at home with no or minimal equipment. Receive 10% off Lifetime memberships now through 1/7/16 using promo code GETMEFIT.

Click here to download your calendar!

You can find all of the workouts in the SFit Gym. Just simply click WORKOUTS, then select SFit, Body Boost or TGIS on the right hand side and then find the corresponding number workout.

Here is week 1:

  • Monday – SFit #11
  • Tuesday – Cardio #1 or TGIS #10
  • Wednesday – Body Boost #5
  • Thursday – Cardio #2
  • Friday – Body Boost #7
  • Saturday – TGIS #7
  • Sunday – REST

Before you get overwhelmed, know that the only workouts longer than 10 or 20 minutes are the Cardio workouts.

Cardio #1 – Intervals or Group Exercise Class (like indoor cycling): Warm Up 5 minutes. Run Hard RPE level 8 for 1 minute, Recover for 3 minutes, Repeat 5x, Cool Down 5 minutes easy jog. You can also take a cardio group exercise class like spinning or rowing.

Cardio #2 – Steady State Cardio: Work at a moderate effort level (RPE 6-7) for 30-45 minutes. Run, ride a bike, swim, use the elliptical, hike or go for a brisk walk. You can also jump rope for 15 minutes or take a cardio group exercise class like cycling.

  • If you happen to be training for a race, try doing your long run on Saturday and swap it with your TGIS workout. So on Thursday, instead of Cardio #2, do a TGIS workout and then on Saturday, do your long run. Make sense?

So what are you waiting for? To learn more about the SFit gym, check out the details here. I promise you will not regret it. I’ve been told people find it similar but more accessible than the Kayla Itsines workouts. Don’t just take my word, see for yourself. This is a sample 10 minute TGIS workout – only available exclusively here – its unlisted on my YouTube channel.

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