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Today, I have a fun change of pace for you on the blog today. I am a big blog reader and wanted to introduce you to one of my new favorites, The Skinny Confidential written by Lauryn Evarts. I got a chance to ask Lauryn a few questions that I’m always curious about when it comes to other fitness/health bloggers. Check out her answers down below.

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  • Do you consider yourself to be “Naturally Skinny” – why or why not?
Yes and no. I have small bones, but I still have to work at maintaining a toned butt, lean abs, & tight arms. If I ate whatever I wanted and did not work out, I feel like I would be “soft.” Thankfully, I could never imagine life without working out. It’s not just about being naturally skinny to me, it’s about feeling that endorphin rush, fueling my body with fresh, clean foods, and taking care of myself- emotionally and physically. Working out has become like brushing my teeth- I just do it.
  • What is your current exercise obsession?
Pilates. Hands down it is the most amazing exercise for women. I have tried everything under the sun. This lengthens and leans in you. If done right, it can correct posture, back pain, and applies little to no pressure on the knees. I love how quickly you can see results too. If I do it three times a week, my abs and butt feel rock hard- I LOVE it!


  • What is your favorite healthy indulgence – ie peanut butter, granola, train mix, oatmeal with all the fixings – something that is good for you, but you could totally eat bowl fulls?
My favorite healthy indulgence is hummus on flaxseed crackers with lemon. I also love spaghetti squash [ like this one ] with fresh Parmesan cheese, chili flakes, pine nuts, & pesto. As for dessert, you cannot go wrong with organic raspberries stuffed with dark chocolate [ example found here ]. And of course, I love veggie juices. They keep my energy up with tons of vitamins and nutrients.
  • Weights, bodyweight and cardio? What is your balance?

I like to use my body weight resistance mixed with light cardio. I hate to run. Again Pilates has changed my posture, my body, and my life! I love it. I like light weight too. Balance and moderation are the keys to staying slim and being in healthy.

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Who are your favorite bloggers that you’d like to see profiled?

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