True Foods Kitchen Review

Thursday at True Foods, I had one of the best healthy meals ever! I went to their Santa Monica location for lunch last time I was in California and knew this was a place I needed to revisit. My friend Cher and I couldn’t decide what to get so we decided to split three plates. The waitress had the chef split everything for us without us ever asking! We were pleasantly surprised and it was not expected at all.

We started with a harvest salad made with goat cheese, apple, pomegranate seeds, and squash.


Next, we had the sea bass with roasted mushrooms and brussels sprouts with a umami sauce. We asked what umami was and I still don’t know but it was awesome.



We also ordered the spaghetti squash marinara. It was topped with yummy mozzarella and will need to be recreated at home.


I thought we were too full for dessert but our waitress convinced us to try the squash pie with coconut whipped cream. It was phenomenal and reminded me of all the pumpkin recipes I’ve played with over the years.


On my way to the bathroom, I noticed a chalk board filled with amazing quotes from healthy inspirational people.




True Foods Kitchen has locations as well in Arizona and Colorado but none on the East Coast. As I always mention, I love the food option here in CA so much. I don’t understand why no one in Boston (or many other cities for that matter) have tried opening up similar eateries.

Does your city offer healthy dining options? Most Boston restaurants have healthier options but no sit down/server dining experiences dedicated to using local, organic, healthy, clean menus in its entirety.

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