How I Stay Fit & Productive When I Travel

In August, I was invited to shoot a special video with T-Mobile featuring their new myTouch 4G smartphone in Los Angeles. I was able to stay with my brother and his family, as well as find time to visit the Tone It Up girls and one of my college roommates. It was well worth the 6 hour flight for the 4 hour shoot! I am obsessed with the final product featuring my top fit tips while traveling!

I wanted to do the T-Mobile video because I am constantly using my smartphone. I know they can be expensive for my younger viewers and confusing to use for my older audience. The myTouch smartphone was ridiculously easy for me to use and figure out in a short amount of time. On the flip side, I was totally impressed and jealous of the features that rival Siri. The crazy part is that the phone only costs $49. My favorite features were the Genius button and quick access to the camera using the one-touch camera button for taking unexpected pictures like this one below featuring a napping seal.

Visit mytouch.t-mobile.com to learn more about the T-Mobile myTouch and myTouch Q. Simple-to-use 4G smartphones that do as they are told and will never slow you down.

This post is obviously sponsored. The opinions expressed are my own 🙂

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