Blogging is a lot like reality TV. We (bloggers) share personal details that you don’t need to know about, you probably don’t care about, but for some reason, many people find the mundane things to be most interesting like what I ate for dinner or what I wore to a party. Here are a few of those details from my weekend. 

On Sunday, I attended an event held by Eventbrite Boston at the Brite Space (a Pop Up shop that hosted 15 events in 10 days). I signed up weeks ago and was pretty excited for the Sundae Funday Yoga & Ice Cream event featuring FoMu, Boston’s famous vegan ice cream shop. The shop is located in Brighton and while I’ve heard of about, I’ve never actually tried it until yesterday!

IMG 7322

I sampled the Salted Caramel that was made with a dairy free coconut base. On top I added vegan coconut cream, aka whipped cream, agave caramel, chai pecans and sprinkles. It was just as good as any dairy version could be. I can’t wait to try other flavors but like regular ice cream, this stuff definitely is not low cal. 

IMG 7323

Before the ice cream portion of the event, we did a 20 minute Vinyasa flow followed by a 20 minute meditation. Afterwards, we got into groups to talk about our goals and how to achieve them by creating actionable steps with twirls from Om Seeker, a new coaching business led by two yogi’s. I wore my orange Adidas tights to support Eventbrite’s color scheme. The top is from the Warriors in Pink apparel line. It’s a very flowy top, i.e. not flattering, but one Instagram follower felt the need to comment on how I “was not thin.” I decided to delete it because I can. I don’t censor comments usually but was in the mood and it felt empowering. It just felt pointless to leave it up. Why do people feel the need to write negative comments on Instagram pictures?

IMG 7328

On Friday, I took class with Derek at Barry’s Bootcamp. Derek’s class is great because he always comes over to you when you want to stop and pushes you past that little self doubt hurdle in your mind. I taught beforehand and had a “green juice smoothie” so I enjoyed a Vega Sport Recovery bar post workout. It tasted like Girl Scout Thin Mints and was really freaking good. I love Vega so I wasn’t surprised. This was a new flavor for me though. 

IMG 7311

On Saturday, I started my marathon training. As of right now, it looks like I will be running the Chicago Marathon with Susan G Komen as part of my Warriors in Pink, Model of Courage participation. I do not have an official email as of yet, so I’m being cautious about shouting this from the tops of the social media mountains. I ran an easy 8 miles and downed a Trader Joe’s Apple Banana Crusher as mid run fuel for the first time. It helped me finish strong.
IMG 7285

I’m excited to see in writing that I’m running the race, but I have to admit, I’m scared of failing. I’m afraid I’ll get injured and won’t be able to run. I’m afraid I’ll be unable to fit in the long runs with my schedule and be ill prepared and have a terrible time. The girls from Om Seeker told us that fear is an illusion. The group “therapy” also helped me see that everyone is afraid of something. I’m currently in a comfortable place and the Sunday session, made me realize that I need to push past it and be OK if I do fail. 

Have you pushed yourself past your comfort zone lately? 

Vegan Ice Cream Sundae From FoMu

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  • Alison

    It’s admirable that you put yourself out there like you do with the following you have. I don’t think I could handle the comments. Whoever said that clearly has their own issues to deal with!

    PS: FoMu is literally the best vegan ice cream ever. I’m addicted and have been begging my local Whole Foods to carry them for months now.

  • Vanessa

    I enjoy reading lifestyle and fitness blogs, especially yours so keep doing what you’re doing!:) You have also made me quite interested in Boston in general from all your posts and pictures ( and that vegan ice cream shop sounds fantastic!)……I wouldn’t mind one day if you did a blog post on Boston (tips on moving there, the different neighborhoods, etc.) That would be fun and helpful!

  • Nicole @ Foodie Loves Fitness

    Oooh yum, I haven’t gone to a vegan ice cream place yet but now I want to find one to try out!

    I always wonder why people feel the need to leave negative, ignorant comments, but at the end of the day, it’s not about you, it’s about them and their insecurities. As long as you feel healthy and strong, who the hell cares if some random person wants to tell you that they think you’re not thin?! Screw em 🙂

  • Kim

    My friend recently told me to read your blog and I wanted to comment because I’m just about to start training for the Chicago marathon with two other girls (we all live in the Boston area). I have the same fears about getting injured, so I recently went to an injury prevention center in Waltham for an evaluation. You should definitely check it out! They have really great advice and I’ve already noticed a big difference in my running. Also, one of the girls I’m training with works there, so I’ve been seeing her at the center. You’re more than welcome to join our training runs this summer if you’re interested 🙂

    • Sarah

      Thanks Kim. I just may take you up on that! I go to the Cape in the summer on the weekends but am thinking I need running buddies during the week when they get up to be around 10 miles. I’ll also have to take a look at the Waltham center. My right leg is already starting to tell me to foam roll more.

      • Kim

        Awesome! Yeah my foam roller has become my best friend lately. The center is called “The Micheli Center for Sports Injury Prevention”. I see Emily there, she’s pretty awesome and will also be able to help if you join our training runs. Hope to see you on some runs this summer!

  • Megan

    Hi Sarah,

    I never comment (even though I always read your blog and love it!) but I wanted to reach out with some words of encouragement. I just finished my first marathon last Sunday and couldn’t be happier. I trained on top of working a full time desk job and teaching 5-6 pure barre classes a week. I had the exact same fears you do, but I just dove in head first and followed the training plan as best I could. I found it was easier that I expected to train and keep up with my lifestyle, just takes a few minor adjustments and dedication on the weekends when you are off running for 3+ hours and your friends are drinking at the park. Not only is training and completing a marathon do-able for a busy girl such as yourself, but it is truly a life-changing decision that will only help you become even more confident and strong. I am so excited for you to start on this journey, I promise you won’t regret it and 4 months from now when you are crossing the finish line you will be so glad you made the decision to conquer your fears!

    • Sarah

      Thank you Megan for commenting finally 🙂 Perfect timing. It made me smile and by voicing my fears, I knew I wasn’t alone but it does make me feel better to have someone similar tell me they were successful and accomplished the “impossible.”

  • Katie Morse - The Project Neon

    Seriously! Why do people feel the need to write negative comments at all? The thing about writing is there is multiple check points where they could ask themselves is this nice? Am I improving someone else’s life by writing this? Etc. Before hitting the “post” button. Grrrrr. I totally can relate. I know we put ourselves out there, but I mean, sometimes it’s totally unnecessary and rude. We should be supporting one another. Side note: Are those gold Sperry’s you are wearing in the bike pic? If so, I have them, and I’m obsessed, and thought it was cool if you have them too!

  • Trevor E

    YES! So happy you tried the Chocolate Mint bar -- TOTAL thin mint! Have you tried the PB Sport bar? I have a habit of freezing them before eating them -- something magic happens and they turn into a Butterfinger bar. Amazing.

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