Video: A Day In The Life

Earlier this month, I went out to Los Angeles. It was a lot of fun and of course I missed Tommy, too. You might have been able to tell from this Instagram that I was out there shooting with one of my long time favorite beverage companies, Michelob Ultra.

Mich Ultra Video

I’m so excited to share today’s new video shot in LA. It was my first cross country work trip without Tommy and while I didn’t enjoy the pumping aspect of being away, I loved getting to sleep through the night, see my family and work out on my own time! Check out how I prioritize what’s most important to me and what a week looks like in one of my favorite cities as I work and play with Michelob Ultra.

I wish we had been able to focus more on the pumping side of my visit. I mention it in the video but since we weren’t going to shoot it, we couldn’t exactly highlight it. I talk about the time consuming nature in this blog post however.

I would love for you guys to check it out the video below and beware, this video shows incredibly adorable video on my nephews.

I hope that I can bring Tommy on my next west coast visit to meet the boys!

Also, check out the second video that will be on the Michelob Ultra YouTube channel featuring an inner monologue after my LA arrival.

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