Video: Tommy’s 6 Month Update

I always thought “What To Expect” was kind of a funny title for a maternity series of books. Every pregnancy is different and so is every baby. We all experience similar milestones but when the occur I’ve discovered is very different from baby to baby. You can expect something to eventually happen but beyond that, the books aren’t that helpful in my opinion.

During my pregnancy, I shared video updates each trimester. For Tommy, I want to share similar updates. Here is our first at 6 months old. We shot this two weeks ago and he has managed to get pretty good at the crawling thing since. Other than that, things are pretty much the same…

Except he no longer falls asleep at 7 on the dot. He has gone to sleep at 7:30, 8, 9 and 7:40 the past 4 nights. Time for sleep training, take TWO.

Your child may be sleeping through the night. Mine happens to be crawling. You can expect them to do these things, yes, but by what age, it’s a guessing game.

Hopefully by the next update we will have dropped the night time feeding and have a few teeth!

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